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General History & Politics
Before & AfterBefore & After
US Foreign Policy and the War on Terrorism
Phyllis Bennis; foreword by Noam Chomsky
Americans were uniformly shocked by the lethal ferocity of the September 11 attacks. Around the world, people and governments were appalled at the human carnage and extended unstinting sympathy—but many made it clear that their sympathy for the...
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Calling the ShotsCalling the Shots
How Washington Dominates Today's UN
Phyllis Bennis
New revised & updated edition with a new preface by Denis Halliday

The United Nations remains a favorite scapegoat for U.S. and allied failures in places like Rwanda, Iraq, Kosovo, and East Timor. Few look beyond the headlines to the...
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Darkness Over GermanyDarkness Over Germany
A Warning from History
E. Amy Buller

Darkness over Germany delivers a stark warning from history of how a man with little political experience rose up as a voice of the people, a voice for the disenfranchised...
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Ending the Iraq WarEnding the Iraq War
A Primer
Phyllis Bennis
Public opinion in the United States and Great Britain has long called for ending the Iraq war—in recent polls about 70 percent of Americans agree. But the war continues, and what it will take to finally end it is not as clear. In an easy-to-rea...
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Fatal VoyageFatal Voyage
The Last Great Voyage of Captain James Cook
Peter Aughton
It is no longer possible for any ship to cross the Pacific Ocean without encountering the ghost of Captain Cook. He and his voyages are the stuff of maritime legend. The Fatal Voyage is the story of his final epic journey when he led an...
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Hijacking CatastropheHijacking Catastrophe
9/11, Fear and the Selling of American Empire
Edited by Sut Jhally and Jeremy Earp
The 9/11 terror attacks continue to send shock waves through the American political system. Continuing fears about American vulnerability alternate with images of American military prowess and patriotic bravado in a transformed media landscape charge...
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History of International FashionHistory of International Fashion
Didier Grumbach


This book is not just a history of fashion from the early days of the creation of dressmaking fashion to the development of re...
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Imperial SkirmishesImperial Skirmishes
War and Gunboat Diplomacy in Latin America
Andrew Graham-Yooll
Notorious for its recent military dictatorships, South America is less well known for its wars. But since the dawn of independence in the early nineteenth century, the continent has witnessed a series of conflicts, some short and small-scale, others...
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On-The-Road Histories
Ben Wynne
Beginning with the state’s earliest settlers, Ben Wynne explores the paradox that is Mississippi—its rich soil and namesake river, yet its vulnerability to natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. It is one of the US’s poorest s...
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More Than CowboysMore Than Cowboys
Travels Through the History of the American West
Tim Slessor

Many books about the American West leave out the more intriguing details...

For example, when, in 1803, the young USA doubled its size with the purchase from France of an unexplored vastness called La Louisiane, it was a British bank which...
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General History & Politics
New Pearl Harbor, TheNew Pearl Harbor, The
Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11
David Ray Griffin
Updated Edition with a New Afterword

This second edition contains a 30-page Afterword with additional material on the alleged hijackers, controlled demolition of the WTC, Sibel Edmonds, a...
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Out WestOut West
Travels through the American West—Past and Present
Tim Slessor

Many books about the American West leave out the more intriguing ­details…

For example, when, in 1803, the young USA doubled its size with the purchase from France of an unexplored vastness called La Louisiane, it was a British ba...
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Pocket Timeline of Ancient MexicoPocket Timeline of Ancient Mexico
Penny Bateman
A handy pocket-sized reference to the Aztec culture of ancient Mexico and the civilizations that preceded it
At the back of the book is a 12-page foldout timeline which can be detached and displayed on a wall or notice board...
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Power LinesPower Lines
U.S. Domination in the New Global Order
Alejandro Bendana
How is the massive shift in power and competition between and among the powerful countries of the North affecting the South?

Grounded in a richly articulated perspective from the South, Nicaraguan scholar Alejandro Bendaña has craft...
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Selling US WarsSelling US Wars
Edited by Achin Vanaik; foreword by Tariq Ali
The real reasons for the war in Iraq—control of oil pricing and policies, expansion of US power, strategic establishment of US bases in the Middle East, defense of Israel—were kept hidden from the American people. Instead, justifications...
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South CarolinaSouth Carolina
On-The-Road Histories
Kenneth Townsend
Today tourists flock to the warm waters of Myrtle Beach, explore refurbished plantations, and stroll the picturesque streets of old Charleston. In this history of the state, Kenneth Townsend examines the rich and complicated past of these places. Beg...
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The Great Terror WarThe Great Terror War
Richard Falk
The horror of the events of September 11, 2001, remains indelible. The Great Terror War provides a much-needed examination of the attacks on the World Trade Center that links them to, while distinguishing them from, the breadth of more tradi...
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Thyssen Art Macabre, TheThyssen Art Macabre, The
The History of the Thyssens
David R. L. Litchfield
Old August Thyssen created one of the world’s greatest industrial fortunes. But his heirs would become better known for their extravagance, their divorce and inheritance battles and both the creation and sale of their art collection. This is th...
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Visions and RevisionsVisions and Revisions
Reflections on Culture and Democracy at the End of the Century
Marcus Raskin

Bringing together new essays analyzing seminal events in contemporary U.S. and global history, Visions and Revisions provides a thoughtful and provocative look at what has been transformed and what remains constant as the 20th century com...
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Illustrated Children's Books
A Day with YayahA Day with Yayah
Nicola I. Campbell; illustrated by Julie Flett
Set in the Nicola Valley, British Columbia, in Canada's westernmost province, a First Nations family goes on an outing to forage for herbs and mushrooms. A grandmother passes down her knowledge of plant life and the natural world to her young gra...
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