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Pages: 32

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781623717926

Series: Against All Odds

Imprint: Crocodile Books

Illustrated by: Herikita

Illustrations: Full-color

Ages: 5-8

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The Mermaids of Jamaica

By • Illustrated by Herikita

$ 18.95

About this book

A two-time Olympic Gold Medal winner for synchronized swimming inspires Jamaican girls to dedicate themselves to swimming and invest in their futures in this heartening nonfiction picture book.

In the small coastal town of Port Antonio, Jamaica, something unusual is taking place. Many people in Jamaica cannot swim and are afraid of the sea, but the arrival of Olga—a two-time Olympic Gold Medal winner for synchronized swimming—is changing the hearts and minds of young female swimmers who might have otherwise become mothers too soon, before having had a chance to explore their ambitions.

The stories told in the Against All Odds picture book series are true stories of brave boys and girls from different parts of the world, who, with their small everyday actions, beat the odds and achieve something great. The series is intended to promote diversity and acceptance by exposing children to kids’ stories from faraway places facing unique situations or overcoming prejudice


About the authors

Claudia Bellante is a freelance photo and print journalist based in Milan. Her work focuses on the exploration of social changes that begin from the stories of ordinary people. Her work has been featured in publications across the world.

Herikita is the illustrator of The Mermaids of Jamaica

About the Author

Herikita is the illustrator of The Mermaids of Jamaica


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