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International Folk Tales Series

Rich in cultural significance, the tales in this series, suitable for both adults and young adults, represent the best, the strangest and the most curious of the oral literature of peoples whose legends have been largely unavailable in English. Each title in this best-selling series includes a collection of 20 to 30 tales together with an introduction and a historical overview which give the reader compelling insights into the culture, the folk literature, and the lives of the people in the region.

Some tales already published in the series include anthologies from the Native American LenapÈ People, the Ndebele People of Zimbabwe, the Scottish travellers, the Russian gypsies, the Chinese Fujians, as well as Siberian, Bengali, Burmese, Sudanese, and others.
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A Kayak Full of GhostsA Kayak Full of Ghosts
Eskimo Folk Tales
collected and retold by Lawrence Millman; illustrated by Timothy White
The first comprehensive collection of Eskimo folktales in over sixty years, these stories reveal a tradition close in spirit to modern fiction. Not for queasy readers, A Kayak Full of Ghosts deals with strange and even gruesome events in the...
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Abu Jmeelís Daughter & Other StoriesAbu Jmeelís Daughter & Other Stories
Arab Folk Tales from Palestine and Lebanon
collected and retold Jamal Sleem Nuweihed; edited by Salma Khadra Jayyusi
These 27 traditional folk stories were written down, shortly before her death, by Jamal Sleem Nuweihed, who had recounted them to the children of her extended family over many years. Authentically Arab in their themes, yet timelessly universal, they...
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Clever Sheikh of the Butana and Other Stories, TheClever Sheikh of the Butana and Other Stories, The
Sudanese Folk Tales
retold Ali Lufti; edited by Kate W. Harris; illustrated by Elnour Hamad
Sudan, the largest country on the vast African continent, barely hovers on the edges of Western awareness. But hidden away is a sonorous ancient culture, passed on through generations of storytellers and oral historians, through songs and a rich trad...
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Demon Slayers and Other Stories, TheDemon Slayers and Other Stories, The
Bengali Folk Tales
collected and written by Sayantani DasGupta and Shamita Das Dasgupta
This volume is a collection of Bengali folk tales. Among the stories of princes, devata (deities) and bloodthirsty rashash (demons), stories of women's lives and images emerge. Women and their goddesses bring to life not only the nurturing Bengal...
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Fish Prince and Other Stories, TheFish Prince and Other Stories, The
Mermen Folk Tales
Jane Yolen and Shulamith Oppenheim
Mermen? Yes. Long before mermaids emerged to people our inner seas, long before they established their restless, inviting niche in human fantasy, there was the merman. Born of the human need to dominate the great fruitful oceans, to control the vast...
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From the Land of ShebaFrom the Land of Sheba
Yemeni Folk Tales
collected and retold Carolyn Han
Although Yemen, at the southern tip of the Arabian Penisula, is one of the oldest inhabited regions of the world, in the West, it is one of the least known places. Ancient Yemen is mentioned in the Bible as the home to frankincense and myrrh, which w...
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Grandfathers Speak, TheGrandfathers Speak, The
Native American Folk Tales of the Lenapť People
Hitakonanu'laxk (Tree Beard)
Beautifully and authentically narrated, these stories tell among other things, of how Nanapush, the Grandfather of Beings and Men, created the earth upon the back of a great turtle; of how Mànàka'has the Rainbow Crow, flew to the tw...
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Hildur, Queen of the Elves, and Other StoriesHildur, Queen of the Elves, and Other Stories
Icelandic Folk Tales
retold J. M. Bedell
with an introduction and new translations Terry Gunnell

The first explorers arrived on the volcanic island that would one day be called Iceland in the year 870. Those who settled here, on the edge of the Arctic Circle, beside the last vestiges of ancient Ice Age glaciers, must have been a resourceful and...
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Imagining WomenImagining Women
Fujian Folk Tales
selected and translated by Karen Gernant
The 37 stories which comprise this collection challenge the long-held stereotypes and provide a rare look at the everyday lives of common people in villages across Fujian province. Despite the efforts and influence of the male-dominant Confucian cult...
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Orphan Girl and Other Stories, TheOrphan Girl and Other Stories, The
West African Folk Tales
collected and retold by Buchi Offodile

Once upon a moonlit night, children gathered elbow to elbow, lying on the ground, while the adults sat near by, drinking and snacking. They listened to the storyteller, who held adult and child alike rapt with animal noises and spooky voices, gest...
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Sun Maiden and the Crescent Moon, TheSun Maiden and the Crescent Moon, The
Siberian Folk Tales
collected and translated by James Riordan
Siberia. From this strange and beautiful land comes an oral tradition that has altered little in two thousand years. Here is a true spiritual democracy and purity of folk art rarely found in traditional tales....
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Tales of JuhaTales of Juha
Classic Arab Folk Humor
edited by Salma Khadra Jayyusi; introduction by Said Yaqtine
Juha is an old Arab comic literary figure (known also to Persians and Turks) around whom countless popular anecdotes were written. He appears variously as preacher and beggar, porter and petty merchant, thief and honest man, judge and social critic,...
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Tales of the Golden CorpseTales of the Golden Corpse
Tibetan Folk Tales
retold Sandra Benson
Tales of the Golden Corpse is the first complete English version of the famous Tibetan folk tales told to a boy who has killed seven sorcerers in the defense of his Master. The boy must redeem himself by carrying a talking corpse full of won...
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Tales of the Seal PeopleTales of the Seal People
Scottish Folk Tales
Duncan Williamson
Winner of the Anne Izard Storytellers' Choice Award

A collection of 14 selkie (half-seal half-human creatures) tales from the Orkney and Shetland islands off the northern tip of Scotland which embrace the fantasy, romance and...
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The Snake Prince and Other StoriesThe Snake Prince and Other Stories
Burmese Folk Tales
collected and retold by Edna Ledgard
The people of Burma/Myanmar call it Shwe Pyidaw, the Golden Land, their fertile valley cradled in a horseshoe of mountains. When squabbling Western nations vied for control of the newly-mapped country a century ago, the local population had already l...
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