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Grand Vizier of the NightGrand Vizier of the Night
Catherine Hermary-Vieille
Over ten consecutive evenings a dying Ahmed tells the story of his old master's life. The story is so powerful and the effect on his listeners so great, Ahmed is named The Grand Vizier of the Night...

Set in the Islamic Empire in...
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Grandafther's TalesGrandafther's Tales
Ulfat Idilbi; translated by Peter Clark
In Damascus, an old woman tells her grandchildren tales of her own grandfather who had come from Daghestan in the Caucasus many years before.

Grandfather's Tale explores the close links between the Muslim Caucasus and the Arab world a...
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Hamid & ZahraHamid & Zahra
Robert Sahran

An Odyssey, a symposium, a book in the style of some of the great stories told over generations by Bedouin storytellers, Hamid & Zahra is a fictitious love story set in Qatar in the period immediately leading up...
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Hand Full of Stars, AHand Full of Stars, A
Rafik Schami, translated by Rika Lesser

Winner of the Mildred L. Batchelder Award

Experience a wonderfully complex world of characters and cultures as you explore modern Damascus with a spirited teenage boy.

Amid the turmoil of modern Da­mascus, o...
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Hannah's DiaryHannah's Diary
From France
Louise Lambrichs; translated by Sian Reynolds
Voted Book of the Year (1993) by the French literary magazine Lire, this novel tells the story of a Jewish woman's struggle to come to terms with the abortion she was forced to have during the French Occupation. An honest and compelling account w...
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Hi Bonnybrig and Other GreetingsHi Bonnybrig and Other Greetings
From Scotland
Shug Hanlan
Some reckon it's because Bonnybrig's a beacon for illegal aliens skidding across the Milky Way, but it's not just aliens. The village is being overrun by foreign agents, spies, shoplifters, sports weirdos and Hollywood actors like Sigourn...
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His Father's SonHis Father's Son
Tony Black
Australia is the Lucky Country, and Joey Driscol knows it. It's a far cry from his native Ireland, but he believes this is the place he and his wife can make a new life and forget the troubles of the past. And for a time, they do just that. There...
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Homeless RatsHomeless Rats
Ahmad Fagih
“Libya’s greatest living writer”

“Ahmed’s stories are engaging and often very comic with a well-developed sense of the absurd ... In the stories there is a world of f...
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Homes of the HeartHomes of the Heart
A Ramallah Chronicle
Farouq Wadi; translated by Dina Bosio and Christopher Tingley
Returning to his home town of Ramallah after long exile, the author is shocked to find the changes wrought, above all, by the Israeli occupation. An account—informative, lyrical and humorous by turn—of his own early life in the town is in...
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Hostage, TheHostage, The
Zayd Mutee' Dammaj; translated by May Jayyusi and Christopher Tingley


Set in the pre-revolution Yemen of the Imams, this novel depicts the experiences of a young boy who, having been taken hostage, in line wit...
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Hotel ArcadiaHotel Arcadia
Sunny Singh
Sam is a war photographer famous for her hauntingly beautiful pictures of the dead.  After a particularly grueling assignment, she checks into a hotel, but it falls under terrorist attack.  Abhi, the hotel manager, begs her to stay put, des...
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House of Jasmine, TheHouse of Jasmine, The
Ibrahim Abdel Meguid, translated by Noha Radwan

On June 13, 1974, Shagara, a low-level employee at the Alexandria shipyard, is charged with taking workers to cheer for the motorcade of Egyptian President Sadat and his guest President Nixon. Instructed to pay each worker half a pound at the end...
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House of the WindsHouse of the Winds
Mia Yun
"At night, brother and I often stretched out on the veranda floor like two star fish and picked out Scorpion and Orion and the Big Dipper from the night sky, densely pricked with chipped pieces of diamond. If we fixed our eyes on the sky long en...
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How to Fight Islamist Terror from the Missionary PositionHow to Fight Islamist Terror from the Missionary Position
Tabish Khair


Funny and sad, satirical and humane, this novel tells the interlinked stories of three unforgettable men whose trajectories cross in Denmark: the flamboyant Ravi, the fundamental...
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Indian SummerIndian Summer
A Molly Mcqueen Mystery
Maureen Reynolds

There are lots of changes happening at Molly McQueen's Agency. Biggest of all is that Molly herself must decide whether or not she should move to Australia to be with her family. If she does, it will mean the end of the Agency she has dreamed...
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Italian Chapel, TheItalian Chapel, The
Philip Paris
The Italian Chapel is a story of forbidden love, lifelong friendships torn apart, despair and hope, set against the backdrop of the creation of a symbol that is known around the world. Amidst strikes, conflicts and untold hardships, the Ital...
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Just Like a RiverJust Like a River
Muhammad Kamil al-Khatib; translated by Maher Barakat and Michelle Hartman
Thought by many Syrians to be the most influential novel of its time, this first novel of Muhammad Kamil al-Khatib is a riveting examination of Syrian political and social life during the 1980s. With a multi-voiced narration carried, like a river, fr...
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An Epic Novel
Riad Nourallah
A prince in pre-Islamic Arabia must leave his carefree life to avenge the murder of his father by a rival Arab tribe allied to Persia. Betrayed from within and without, he travels to Constantinople, the "New Rome," where, at the imperial co...
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Lake Beyond the Wind, ALake Beyond the Wind, A
Yahya Yakhlif; translated by M. Jayyusi and C. Tingley
The year is 1948; the place, Samakh, a small town on Lake Tiberias, north of Jerusalem. People in Samakh are waiting — for what, exactly, they do not yet know. The whistle of the Haifa-Deraa train doesn't sound anymore. Abd al-Karim, the sh...
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Lamppost Diary, TheLamppost Diary, The
Agop J. Hacikyan
“A captivating love letter to a lost city.”
—Maureen Freely

For young Tomas, nothing in Istanbul is certain, except for the lamppost that he touches every day for luck on his way to school. World W...
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