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Young Adult Titles

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Chalice Project, TheChalice Project, The
(Island Fiction series)
Lisa Allen-Agostini
Twins, Ada and Evan Brijlal, eat junk food, fight at school and are normal Trinidadian children in every way...or so it seems. Their father Steven, a genius scientist, desperately wants to protect his children from his reckless past. Now the future h...
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Classic Story Collection for Boys set 2Classic Story Collection for Boys set 2
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow; The Last of the Mohicans; Around the World in 80 days; Gulliver's Trave
Boxed set of classic books: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow; The Last of the Mohicans; Around the World in 80 days; Gulliver's Travels; The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes....
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Delroy in the Marog KingdomDelroy in the Marog Kingdom
(Island Fiction series)
Billy Elm
“If you look into River Mumma’s eyes, something terrible going happen to you!” Too late, Delroy remembers his mother’s warning. Is drowning his fate or is something worse in store? Becoming a marog is only the beginning. The k...
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Escape from Silk Cotton ForestEscape from Silk Cotton Forest
(Island Fiction series)
Francis C. Escayg
Under King Zar's sincere but timid rule, the Kingdom of Ierie is rife with corruption, on the brink of another war and in need of a true leader. Domino, a rebellious, young Goan who seeks to avenge his mother's death, stumbles into the role o...
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Fo Bhruid (Kidnapped)Fo Bhruid (Kidnapped)
Scottish Gaelic edition
Robert Louis Stevenson; Adapted & Illust. by Alan Grant & Cam Kennedy; trans. by Iain MacDhomhnaill
An epic story of adventure, friendship, murder and revenge!

A fantastic new graphic novel, in full color, of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure story, commissioned by Edinburgh, UNESCO City of Literature, created by wo...
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Gnothach Annasach An Dr. Jekyll is Mhgr HydeGnothach Annasach An Dr. Jekyll is Mhgr Hyde
(The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll is Mister Hyde, Gaelic language)
Robert Louis Stevenson; Adapted & Illust. by Alan Grant & Cam Kennedy; trans. by Iain MacDhomhnaill
Following their acclaimed graphic novel version of Kidnapped, Alan Grant and Cam Kennedy turn their attention to another Stevenson story.

John Utterson notices that his friend, Dr Henry Jekyll, has been acting very strangely. As he invest...
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Hand Full of Stars, AHand Full of Stars, A
Rafik Schami, translated by Rika Lesser

Winner of the Mildred L. Batchelder Award

Experience a wonderfully complex world of characters and cultures as you explore modern Damascus with a spirited teenage boy.

Amid the turmoil of modern Da­mascus, o...
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Jack Shian and the Destiny StoneJack Shian and the Destiny Stone
Andrew Symon

Jack Shian has recovered the Mapa Mundi and rescued his father Phineas from the clutches of the "Grey" enchantress - but he is still exiled with his family off the west coast of Scotland. The Unsee...
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Jack Shian and the King's ChaliceJack Shian and the King's Chalice
Book 1 in the Shian Quest Trilogy
Andrew Symon
Jack's family are Shian, "otherworld" creatures who have crept in and out of human affairs throughout history. And Jack's family are special: working for the Shian Congress, they have been watching over the Stone of Destiny - one of...
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Jack Shian and the Mapa MundiJack Shian and the Mapa Mundi
Andrew Symon

Jack Shian is no ordinary boy. He is one of the Shian, a race of otherworldly beings that lives under Edinburgh Castle, and he and his family are caught up in a war for power and a race against time.
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Jeremiah, Devil of the WoodsJeremiah, Devil of the Woods
Martina Altmann
Jeremiah, Devil of the Woods is the story of an orphaned Tayra, his mother killed by hunters when he is only a few weeks old. Jeremiah is taken into captivity by the very same hunters, but being a true Tayra he will fight ferociously against...
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The Graphic Novel in Full Color
Robert Louis Stevenson; adapted by Alan Grant; illustrated by Cam Kennedy
It is 1751, Scotland has suffered a time of uncertainty and rebellion, and young David Balfour is alone and penniless in the world.

He doesn't realize a letter from his dead father is about to launch him on the most frightening, exciting and i...
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Legend of the Swan Children, TheLegend of the Swan Children, The
(Island Fiction series)
Maureen Marks-Mendonca
Alex Springfeather has special powers, but he can’t stop his world from crumbling. His mother vanishes without a trace, he loses his home, and his life is in danger. On the run with his silver panman, Alex is plunged into an extraordinary adven...
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Night of the IndigoNight of the Indigo
(Island Fiction series)
Michael Holgate
Marassa, a 15 year old Jamaican boy is catapulted into a wondrous world of Natural Mysticism. His twin brother Wico is dying and no doctor on earth can save him. Guided by Kundo, the mystic warrior, Marassa transcends time and matter into an unknown...
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R.L. Stevenson's KidnappedR.L. Stevenson's Kidnapped
An Epic Story of Adventure, Friendship, Murder and Revenge
retold for younger readers by John Kennett; illustrated by Frank Godwin
Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure story is set in 1751-following the second Jacobite rebellion-a troubled and tragic time in Scottish history.

Young David Balfour is kidnapped, to be carried away on the brig Covenant to a lif...
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Such As I HaveSuch As I Have
Garfield Ellis
Headly is the cream. And he knows it. He's the most gifted cricketer on the Slygoville team, the most sought-after bachelor amongst the village girls, popular with the men and a hero to the boys. He can eat at any table in the village, sleep in a...
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Tarik and the Island of AdventureTarik and the Island of Adventure
Lee Kessell
Tarik knows that his computer is not an ordinary one. When it boots up it makes his favorite smells - hot milky chocolate drink for instance. He feels it is a friendly computer.

One day it offers him a strange new game designed just for him. The c...
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There's No Place Like...There's No Place Like...
Tessa McWatt
Beatrice dreams of being discovered in Hollywood. And when her Aunt Mavis leaves her enough money to kick off Guyana's dust and fly to foreign places, it's to California she plans to go. But her beloved Aunt knew her fantasizing teenage niece...
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Time SwimmerTime Swimmer
(Island Fiction series)
Gerald Hausman
Time Swimmer is the story of a young Jamaican, Luke, who befriends an ancient storytelling sea turtle, Odysseus. Together they travel through Caribbean time, righting wrongs and saving lives -- the pirate, Henry Morgan, for on...
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Treasure House 1Treasure House 1
A Caribbean Anthology
edited by Barbara Applin and Veronica Simon
This illustrated anthology for young readers is full of exciting stories, fun games, and vivid poems from all over the Caribbean. The collection also includes follow-up questions and activities for readers, teachers, and parents, making the explorati...
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