Book Size: 9.75" x 7.5"

Pages: 224

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781623716899

Release date: Summer 2024


Dinner Tonight

Simple Meals Full of Mediterranean Flavor


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About this book

Serious flavor, simple recipes, answering the eternal question of “What's for dinner?” Meliz Berg shares her go-to home cooking, inspired by her Turkish Cypriot kitchen.

Serious flavor, simple recipes, answering the eternal question of “What's for dinner?”

This is the second book from the instant No. 1 Sunday Times Bestselling cook. Meliz Berg shares her go-to home cooking—quick and nourishing meals, instant dinners that come together with pantry essentials, clever shortcuts, one-pot and sheet-pan winners, easy Friday “fake-out” ideas, and lazy weekend inspiration for beautiful food that takes care of itself in the oven—perfect for stress-free gatherings with family and friends.

Meliz includes her meat-free and gluten-free simple swaps to cater for all cravings! As well as her tips for cooking with an air fryer and slow cooker. “Build-your-own,” “Fully Loaded” and “Restaurant-Style” Salad Bowls, One-Pot Orzo, Leftover Hummus Soup, Cheater's Lahmacun Pide Pockets, Tavuk Kebab Curry, One-Pot Roasted Eggplant Pilav, Sheet-Pan Spiced Kofte and Crunchy Potatoes, Hellim-Crusted Fish Tacos, Mom's Sunday Roast Chicken, Berry “Baklava” Pots, Oozy Helva Stuffed Filo Parcels, and more...


About the author

Meliz Berg is a self-taught cook, recipe developer. and food content creator. Inspired by her Turkish-Cypriot heritage, and experience of growing up in a household that combined both traditional Cypriot and London living, she created the blog and Instagram page Meliz Cooks. Meliz Cooks is loved for its easy-to-follow recipes, addictive combinations of flavors and spices, and for highlighting the mixture of beautiful cuisines evident in Cyprus. Her recipes have featured in Co-op Food and Asda Good Living Magazine, as well as for Good Homes and the Guardian. Find her @melizcooks


“Berg showcases her Turkish Cypriot roots in this vibrant collection of dishes … the inviting introductions and contextualizing head notes help readers understand the traditional roots of the dishes … Berg’s debut cookbook is a welcome addition to collections. It is wide-ranging and inviting.”
Library Journal on Meliz’s Kitchen


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