Book Size: 9.75" x 7.5"

Pages: 192

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781623716530

Series: Gennaro Contaldo

Imprint: Interlink Books

Release date: Fall 2024



Easy, comforting Italian meals worth waiting for


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About this book

Savor the art of slow cooking the Italian way, where flavors deepen and texture is softened to create comforting, inexpensive meals with little fuss.

In Slow, beloved Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo shows you how to prepare authentic Italian meals in minutes and cook them to perfection with minimum effort by letting your oven or appliance do the work.

Accompanied by mouthwatering photography by David Loftus, you'll find a selection of new recipes to complement cherished classics that celebrate both the slow food movement and slow cooking. Think hearty casseroles, and one-pot dishes that simmer to perfection, succulent roasts that tenderize from oven cooking, and comforting soups and stews that quietly bubble away on the stovetop. Delight in sweet treats like meringues and fruit compotes, as well as freshly baked bread.

Gennaro showcases the use of economical meat cuts, beans, and legumes—all enhanced by the slow cooking process. With plenty of options to suit the thrifty home cook, this collection features timeless Italian classics like Roast Leg of Lamb with Baby Onions, Rich Tyrolean Beef Goulash, Lasagna, and Meringue with Zabaglione Cream and Custard.

Slow takes the hard work out of meal times to streamline your supper preparation; this is food worth waiting for while you enjoy the convenience of your slow cooker or oven doing all the heavy lifting.


About the author

Gennaro Contaldo is widely known as the Italian legend who taught Jamie Oliver all he knows about Italian cooking, as well as a renowned personality in his own right.

Born in Minori on the Amalfi Coast, Gennaro’s quintessentially Italian spirit and positive nature has made him a TV favorite. He regularly appears on Saturday Kitchen and more recently his own TV series, “Two Greedy Italians” on PBS. In 1999 he opened his own restaurant, Passione, in Charlotte Street, London, which was awarded Best Italian restaurant in 2005.

Gennaro is currently involved in the Jamie Oliver restaurant chain, Jamie’s Italian, where he creates dishes and trains chefs nationwide and abroad. He is the author of many cookbooks, including the highly-acclaimed Panetteria: Genarro’s Italian Bakery. He also has his own YouTube food channel and is an ambassador for Citalia and Bertolli. He lives in London with his wife and two daughters.


“Beautiful, classic recipes made with passion, by the man who taught me everything I know about Italian cooking.“
Jamie Oliver
“The Amalfi Coast is known for extra-sweet, thick-skinned lemons, and native Contaldo digs into the area’s flavor in a collection as bright and cheerful as its subject…Whether codifying the 17-day process for crafting limoncello or explaining how friends at a hometown pastry shop candy citrus peel, Contaldo evokes joy.“
Publishers Weekly, on Gennaro’s Limoni
“With each recipe, Contaldo brings joy and dazzlement.“
Publishers Weekly, on Panetteria
“What a fantastic book – delicious Italian food, fast.“
Jamie Oliver, on Gennaro’s Fast Cook Italian
“[An] excellent cookbook…fun to read…This delightful cookbook will educate and inspire.“
Publishers Weekly, (starred review) on Gennaro’s Pasta Perfecto!
“Italian master-chef Contaldo, who famously taught Jamie Oliver to cook Italian, recounts his childhood in exquisite detail, matching his recollections to the subject on point…Artfully arranged photographs and some well-worn and much-needed tips round out what will soon be an oft-referred-to classic.“
Booklist, (starred review) on Passione


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