Book Size: 9" x 6"

Pages: 288

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781623718527

Imprint: Olive Branch Press

Illustrations: black & white illustrations

Release date: Spring 2022


Skirting History

Holocaust Refugee to Dissenting Citizen


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About this book

How public events affect private lives is a Leitmotiv of this moving memoir. Eva and her secular Jewish family managed to evade the Holocaust and lesser public disasters, but not some private ones. They were able to leave Vienna a year after the Nazi Anschluss (Annexation) of Austria. In New York and several other places and cultures, she evolved from a shy, often fearful child and adolescent to an increasingly self-confident feminist and outspoken peace activist.

She married George Moseley believing he was the “black sheep” of his right-wing military family. While his political views and attitude toward her Jewishness sometimes wavered, she remained true to her parents’ social-democratic principles and the “Jewish value” of justice for everyone. Family relations and troubles play out in a context of the Cold War and changes in Jewish status with the rise of Israel. After a not-so-amicable divorce and George’s violent death (an unsolved murder?), her attitude toward Jewishness changed because of Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians.

Worried about the future her offspring—and everyone else—will face, she devoted much of her time as a dissenting citizen concerned with issues ranging from nuclear weapons and climate change to advocacy for Palestinian rights and opposing unquestioning US support of militarized Israel.


About the author

Eva S. Moseley was curator of manuscripts at Radcliffe’s women’s history library. She was born in Vienna and grew up in New York. While married she lived there and in Macao, Hong Kong, England, and Vermont. Retired, she volunteers with Massachusetts Peace Action, Green Burial Massachusetts, and other worthy organizations.


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