We Are All In The Same Storm, But We Are Not In The Same Boat

So many folks have said about the pandemic that “We’re all in this together,” and I even started saying it myself. But this is untrue in every way you look at it. The truth of the matter is that we are so not all in this together–at least not in equal measure.

The world we live in was never equal before the pandemic and is not equal during the pandemic. While we are all suffering to some degree, the disease has hit some people so much harder than others and has shown us the disparities and inequalities much more starkly than ever before.

Like many of you, I look at the Covid-19 statistics on a daily basis and I wonder why the death rate in the US is so much higher than anywhere else in the world. And how many lives may have perished unnecessarily; how many livelihoods destroyed; how many overworked healthcare workers and other essential personnel facing undue hardships and stress; and how much grief and pain families who have lost loved ones have to endure.

In these uncertain times it’s hard to know what to do. In my household, it helped enormously to stop listening to the toxic filth coming out of the White House. I feel that there has never been a greater need for us to hear the truths afforded by science–and, of course, the deeper truths afforded by literature. 

We can help with the latter. Below are some our new spring 2020 titles and older ones I highly recommend. Working on books like these help me get through each day and give me hope about the post-pandemic world we will rebuild once we rid ourselves of the dual virus: Covid-19 and Trump (and his cronies in power who are best placed to exploit the coronavirus pandemic). I hope that these book recommendations will contribute to helping lift your spirits and act as an effective antidote to anxiety and distress during these challenging times.

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Thank you for your support. Please stay healthy and safe.

Michel Moushabeck