Book Size: 9" x 10.25"

Pages: 256

Format: Hardback & Paperback

ISBN: 9781566567268 HB
ISBN: 9781566567268v PB

Imprint: Interlink Books

Edition: 1

Illustrations: full-color photos

Release date: 04/15/16


Portuguese Homestyle Cooking


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“Portuguese Homestyle Cooking is a beautiful book for those interested in Portuguese gastronomy. It is not only cooking with flavor but with love.” — Portuguese Times

About this book

Everyone loves Mediterranean food. But few can say what makes the soul-comforting, understated peasant food of Portugal distinct from that of its neighbors. The abundant use of legumes and leafy greens in its hearty soups and stews? The unusual combinations of meat and shellfish? The wine and garlic marinated braises? The easy seafood preparations? Or, perhaps, the luscious, egg-sweet desserts, from light meringue puddings to rich, sweet breads?

Peppered with a lifetime of anecdotes from a passionate cook's years in a Portuguese culture, Portuguese Homestyle Cooking draws us into an immigrant kitchen where traditional culinary methods were handed down from father to daughter, shared and refined with the help of the family and friends who watched, chopped, and tasted.

The recipes in Portuguese Homestyle Cooking are of dishes prepared as they were in Portugal- but with the measurements standardized and perfected and the commonly used ingredients and methods fully explained. Novices and experienced chefs alike will enjoy preparing these savory dishes.


About the author

A first generation descendant of Portuguese immigrants from the Alto Alentejo region of Portugal, Ana Patuleia Ortins grew up with the lore and traditions attached to the food of her ancestors. She holds a degree in culinary arts and teaches Portuguese cooking in her own kitchen and at local New England colleges. She is the author of Authentic Portuguese Cooking.


“Lavishly photographed tribute to the dishes of Portugal, charming anecdotes are interspersed throughout the book. She is an astute observer of details, carefully describing how her ingredients should feel, smell and look, rather than simply listing their quantities. Many of the recipes show off the spectacular flavors of a frugal cuisine, cheap, delicious and easily prepared. More elaborate recipes are lucidly broken down into straightforward, almost foolproof steps. Thorough in scope as well as technique, Ortins covers every imaginable facet of Portuguese cooking. Anyone who has ever enjoyed Portuguese cooking and longed to make it at home will find this an indispensable guide.” — Publishers Weekly

“There are few good books on Portuguese food, making Ortins’s new cookbook especially welcome. Although the cuisines of Portugal and Spain are often treated together, Portuguese cooking has its own identity, and most libraries will want this work.” — Library Journal

“Startlingly delicious… superb. Ortin’s meticulously assembled collection should be widely welcomed… liberally interspersed with words of wisdom from her ‘Pai’ and classic tidbits of folklore… extremely thorough, addressing not only mainland cooking but Portuguese-American variations and the distinctive styles of the Azores islands. Though often built from just a few ingredients, Ortin’s recipes usually yield spectacular results. Longer more complicated recipes are just as rewarding.” — The Boston Globe

“The mysteries of Portuguese cooking have been unlocked… This is as authentic as you can get this side of the Atlantic.” — Lynn Daily (MA)

“Authentic Portuguese recipes, prepared as they are in a Portuguese home.” — Peabody Weekly (MA)

“For the Portuguese, family, friends and food are inseparable. Ortins introduces readers to what she calls ‘the melting pot cuisine of Europe.’ Portuguese sailors were the first Europeans to develop trade routes and the first to bring back spices and products from other lands. This book is for [people] of Portuguese descent who never got to watch their mothers cook but want to pass their culture on to their children.” — The Boston Herald

“Beautiful color photographs show off such delicious recipes as light and zesty Caldo Verde (Green Broth Soup), hearty Feijoado (Bean and Sausage Stew) and more.” — Bookpaper

“A work of a Portuguese descendant who uncovered the Portuguese gastronomy in the family and the community from which it was created”Ana Patuleia Ortins created a book of flavors and knowledge…it is not limited to bringing together the traditional recipes of Caldo Verde and Kale Soup, or the codfish pastries and fish stew of Graciosa. It went further in describing the smoked sausages, legumes, spices. More than a book of Portuguese cooking, it is a book about the homecooking of a Portuguese community in the United States” describing for example the vinaigrette of cousin Evelyn Ortins Cunha or the rice pudding of Isaura Nogeira, the homemade wine of Graciosian Manuel Silva and his wife Maria, or the sangria of the popular restaurante Atasca owners Joe and Maria Cerqueira in Cambridge…Portuguese Homestyle Cooking is a beautiful book for those interested in Portuguese gastronomy. It is not only cooking with flavor but with love.” — Portuguese Times