Book Size: 10" x 8"

Pages: 400

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781623717162

Imprint: Interlink Books

Illustrations: full-color

Release date: Fall 2023



A Journey Through Art


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About this book

A groundbreaking and lavishly-illustrated chronicle of Buddhist art and artefacts from the first century to the present, accompanied by stunning photographs that establish the significance of every piece in antiquity. 

Buddhism: A Journey through Art chronicles art and artefacts from the first to the twentieth century in a celebration of the artistic exchange of culture as Buddhism spread through Asia.

Featuring a selection of over 300 of the most important works that exemplify a rich and diverse array of Buddhist art, each accompanied by stunning photographs, the book establishes the significance of every piece in antiquity, highlighting the stylistic and iconographic traits of the art objects as well as the distinctive features of their historical-cultural milieu.

Buddhism: A Journey through Art showcases astonishingly diverse and exquisitely rendered artistic production in the Asian Buddhist world over two millennia.

This important book showcases the magnificent array of visual mythology, sculpture, and iconography deriving from the various Buddhist communities found around the world.


About the author

Rose Woodward studied art at The Kent Institute of Art and Design and illustration at the University of the Arts London. In her mid-twenties, while working in design and marketing, Rose started following Buddhism. Subsequently she began to collect Buddhist art. As the collection grew and while looking for inspiration through museum collections and library archives, Rose started to curate her favorite historical pieces to save for future reference. After liaising with other Buddhist friends and colleagues, it became apparent that she had enough material curated to put together a reference book solely dedicated to the story of Buddhist art to inspire future generations of creatives and Buddhists.


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