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Editor: Stuart Schaar & Mohsine El Ahmadi

Release date: 05/15/15


The Birth of the Arab Citizen and the Changing Middle East

By & Mohsine El Ahmadi

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About this book

The widespread revolt that began with the Tunisian revolution of December 2010 and inspired uprisings in several Arab countries is arguably one of the most important events to take place in the Middle East this century.

But despite the popularity of the uprisings; the overthrow of dictatorships; and revolt's huge costs in human life and economic hardship, the Arab world remains a tense region, the so-called Arab Spring an unfinished cause. This collection of original essays by 21 internationally respected scholars and experts explores the underlying tensions and conditions that gave rise to the revolt- social, political, economic, and ideological- and explains how Arab citizens are defining new destinies for their societies. It is an essential resource for understanding the popular uprisings and the future of the Middle East and North Africa.


About the authors

Stuart Schaar is co-editor of The Middle East and Islamic World Reader

Mohsine El Ahmadi is the author of three books on the Islamist movement in Morocco.

About the Author

Mohsine El Ahmadi is the author of three books on the Islamist movement in Morocco.

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