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The Food of Mediterranean Italy, France, and Spain
Lucio Galletto and David Dale

published 2017 • 8.25" x 10.25" • 288 pages • full-color photos
ISBN 9781566560269 • hardback • $35.00

* “Chef Galletto and journalist Dale, co-authors previously of Soffritto: A Return to Italy (2011) and other books, make definitive choices in this seafood-glorifying cuisine collection, selecting more than 100 favorite recipes from coastal cities in France, Italy, and Spain. In essence, it’s a pilgrimage from Galletto’s Ligurian home town to the Spanish port city of Tarragona, proving Waverly Root’s point in The Food of France (1958) that separating European nations by preferred cooking fat (butter, lard, olive oil) makes more sense than by national boundaries. In what is ostensibly an introduction to the coastal Mediterranean region’s cuisine, both authors assume at least a nodding acquaintance with ingredients and foundations such as basil and aioli, bouillabaisse and salade niçoise, and give much explanation about country variations and alternatives. Dishes tend towards the familiar for most foodies: tapenade and potato tortilla, seafood paella and focaccia. Sidebars often highlight travel must-sees, such as the Med’s mightiest mercat (in Barcelona), Les Templiers Hotel (in Collioure), and basil madness on the Mediterranean. This is both a photo book to drool over and a collection to cook from, full of travel stories to amuse—and dream about.”
—Booklist (starred review)

“The latest collaboration from Ligurian chef Galletto and food journalist Dale (Soffritto: A Delicious Ligurian Memoir) serves up a sumptuous culinary tour through three Mediterranean cooking cultures in what the authors call the Domain of Oil: Liguria, Provence, and Catalunya (also known as Catalonia). Northwest Italy, southern France, and northeast Spain, connected by a contiguous coastline, share foodstuffs and foodways brought by Greeks, Romans, and Arabs, such as olives, saffron, figs, chickpeas, and anchovies as well as eggplant, rice, and pasta. The authors skillfully present the culinary links, observing that Liguria’s pesto alla genovese is Catalunya’s salsa verde and Provencal’s pistou. Fish-based fare abounds with stews such as Marseille-style bouillabaisse and baccala (dried salt cod) recipes across the cuisines. Quail and figs with farro is a mash-up of Provençal and Ligurian classics. Regional salads, soups, breads, rice and pasta, and dessert recipes are plentiful, using ingredients accessible to American home cooks. Photographs showcase kindred plates and sun-drenched Mediterranean landscapes. This cookbook-cum-travelogue also highlights favorite taverns and restaurants along the culinary corridor and the spectacular markets of Barcelona and Nice. Galletto and Dale’s culinary tour and definitive recipe collection is at once personal, enlightening, and mouthwatering.” 
—Publishers Weekly (starred review)


A river of gold flows through western Italy, southern France, and eastern Spain. It’s the olive oil that links three great cuisines, along with a love of garlic, seafood, peppers, fresh herbs, and seasonal vegetables. In stories and recipes, and beautiful location photography, Coastline explores the legacy of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Vikings, who left the gift of a “cuisine of the sun” flavored with generosity and conviviality.

Despite having different cultures and dialects, Spain’s east coast, France’s south coast, and Italy’s west coast are connected through their love for food. A drizzle of olive oil, fresh seafood, garlic, legumes, herbs, and vegetables contribute effortlessly to a healthy lifestyle.

Lucio Galletto and David Dale’s Coastline is a collection of stories, debates, beautiful images, and delicious Mediterranean recipes including salads, pasta sauces, pizza and pies, soups and stews, family feasts, and desserts from the fishing villages, farms, and cobbled squares around the golden crescent. Woven through the recipes and stories, Lucio and David debate who does what better and where to go to eat the very best of the region’s cuisine. Each recipe is inspired by traditional dishes, plucked straight from Mediterranean towns and communities. Learn to cook up vibrant fresh pesto; shrimp in almond batter; fried ravioli with Swiss chard and pumpkin fillings; Socca or Farinata (crisp chickpea pancakes); the definitive bouillabaisse; hearty lentil and chorizo stew; and crisp Xurros (churros) with chocolate.

Illustrated throughout with beautiful photography and over 100 recipes, Coastline is an absolute essential for any home cook who enjoys the flavorsome dishes of the Mediterranean.

Lucio Galletto grew up on the Italian Riviera. He now runs the acclaimed Sydney restaurant Lucio's.

David Dale is the author of The 100 Things Everyone Needs to Know about Italy, and Anatolia: Adventures in Turkish cooking.

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