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A Celebration of Salads from Around the World
by Sally Butcher; photography by Yuki Sugiura

Published 2014 • 7 ½” x 9 ¾” • 272 pages • full-color photos
ISBN 9781566566230 • paperback • $25.00

“Sally Butcher has yet again produced an excellent and fascinating group of recipes with infectious humor and charm.”
—Sam Clark, Moro

"'Salmagundi: A Celebration of Salads from around the World' is as gorgeously photographed as it is written. Sally Butcher writes with humor and joy, weaving in poems, lore, and history with a seeming effortlessness. You’ll never see salads quite the same way again.”
—The Epoch Times

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Salmagundi is a 17th century English expression denoting a salad dish comprising, well... everything. The nearest modern equivalent is Fiambre, a Guatemalan salad containing in excess of twenty ingredients. This comprehensive new book from acclaimed author, Sally Butcher, looks at salad bowls across the world in 150 recipes. The recipes feature a number of archaic, traditional and staple dishes—and a whole lot of funky new stuff as well.

Divided into fourteen chapters (Herbs and Leaves; Vegetables; Beans; Roots; Grains and Pasta, Rice, Cheese, Fish, Meat, Dips, Fruity Salads, Salads for Pudding, The Dressing Room, The Prop Cupboard), no stone is left unturned in pursuit of the ultimate salad recipe. Recipes are flagged where relevant with tags such as “super-healthy” or “skinny-minny” or “main course” to make it more user-friendly. Heavily punctuated with Sally's trademark mixture of folklore and anecdotes, this is an essential update for the foodie bookshelf.

• Fourth book from an acclaimed cookbook author

• Over 150 salad recipes from around the world

• An inspirational and uplifting read as well as a gold-mine of unusual salad recipes

• A beautifully photographed culinary and cultural tour

Sally Butcher is the fiery-haired proprietress of the notable Persian food store Persepolis in London, which she runs with her Persian husband, Jamshid. She is also a prolific author and blogger, who has amassed a devoted online following for her food blog. The foodie delights of the Middle East are her specialty, but she has been known to venture far and wide for inspiration. Her first book, Persia in Peckham, was selected Cookery Book of the Year by the Times of London and was short-listed for the 2008 André Simon Award. Her following tomes, The New Middle Eastern Vegetarian, and New Middle Eastern Street Food, also published by Interlink, have also received critical acclaim.

Media Reviews

“In the book's introduction, Butcher (New Middle Eastern Street Food) immerses readers in the history and language of salads. After explaining terms, such as salleting (to make salads) and salmagundi (a 17th-century English salad), the author shares international recipes for salads that can be served traditionally, as finger food, or in creative vessels (e.g., hollowed-out fruits and vegetables, scallop shells). For Butcher, few ingredients are off limits; she crafts salads from familiar lettuces, vegetables, legumes, grains, and meats but also uses edible flowers, foraged plants, and sophisticated dressings (e.g., pesto made from ‘pert baby nettles,’ tarragon-infused vinegar). VERDICT Whether you're looking for a quick snack, a winning appetizer, a super healthy meal, or a refreshing fruit dessert, Butcher's latest will have you covered… a great gift for salad lovers…”
—Library Journal, starred review 

Long the purview of dieters and health nuts, salads have gained a rather boring rap, but Butcher takes it upon herself to pep up limp lettuce everywhere with this playful compendium of salad recipes from around the world. Divided into sections based on primary ingredients such as “Herbs and Leaves,” “Grains and Pasta,” and “Fruity Salads,” the recipes cover a wide swath of cuisines and skill levels, from the simple (“Nothing Fancy Classic Coleslaw” and “Things in Cans Salad”) to the dauntingly elaborate fiambre, which features more than 30 ingredients. Some recipes feature hard-to-find components, such as sour orange peel or Macedonian ajvar, but Butcher frequently suggests more readily available substitutes. Beautiful matte photographs of the dishes demonstrate how elegant salads can be in any incarnation, and Butcher’s irreverent tone, full of asides and wry witticisms, makes for a fun and engaging reading experience. The straightforward instructions assume some cooking competency, so this isn’t a book for pure beginners, but seasoned cooks hoping to jazz up their salad game will find lots and lots of inspiration. —Booklist

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