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Life and Memoirs of Doctor Pi
and Other Stories
Edgar Bayley; translated by Emily Toder

published 2011 • 5 1/2" x 7 3/4" • 86 pages
ISBN 9781566568371 • paperback • $13.00

The first English translation of a major Argentine literary figure

Doctor Pi—a sleuth without a crime. A flâneur on official business. Organizer of unknowable expeditions, lover of brunettes. Doctor Pi, with his frock coat, top hat, and uncommon blend of elation and discretion, is difficult to describe and impossible not to pursue. We follow him through a familiar and cryptic world, whose logic—equal parts comedy, poetry, and absurdity—is a puzzle only Doctor Pi can solve. The Life and Memoirs of Doctor Pi and Other Stories marks the first translation of Edgar Bayley’s work into English, an accomplishment long overdue. Bayley’s stories suspend your disbelief for you, and offer in exchange an inimitable creation: its dimensions human, its intrigue transcendent.

Born in 1919 in Buenos Aires, Edgar Bayley was an active and influential participant in avant-garde Argentine poetry, a major figure in its literary magazines and institutions throughout the latter half of the last century, and among the founders of the invencionista movement. Poet, playwright, director, translator, and essayist, he is the author of over fifteen published works in diverse genres.

Emily Toder is a poet, translator, and letterpress printer. She holds Master's degrees in creative writing from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and in literary translation from the University of East Anglia, UK, and the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. She currently resides in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she operates Nor By Press and studies library science.

Media Reviews

“We cannot help but throw ourselves in the footprints of Doctor Pi”
—Enrique Molina
“There is an Argentine poetry before Bayley, and another after him”
—Alberto Vanasco

"The Life & Memoirs of Dr. Pi and Other Stories is a fantastic translation and a rollicking good read. ...Bayley is a master of word economy and concision, and it is breathtaking to watch him establish scene and advance plot in so little space."
Big Muddy, 2011, Volume 11.1

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