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Osama bin Laden
Dead or Alive?
David Ray Griffin

published 2009 • 6" x 9" • 106 pages
ISBN 9781566567831 • paperback • $15.00

The US’s political discourse and foreign policy in recent years has been based on the assumption that Osama bin Laden is still alive. George W. Bush promised as president that he would get Osama bin Laden “dead or alive” and has been widely criticized for failing to do so. The US’s present military escalation in Afghanistan is said to be necessary to “get Osama bin Laden.” The news media regularly announce the appearance of new “messages from bin Laden.” But what if Osama bin Laden died in December 2001—which is the last time a message to or from him was intercepted?  
In this book, David Ray Griffin examines the evidence for the claim—made by everyone from former CIA agent Robert Baer to Oliver North—that bin Laden is surely no longer with us.  He analyzes the purported messages from bin Laden and finds that, as many have suspected, they do not provide evidence of bin Laden’s existence after 2001. This leads naturally to the question: if Osama bin Laden did indeed die in 2001, how and why have dozens of “messages from bin Laden” appeared since then?  

Griffin’s meticulous analysis supports above all one simple and urgent conclusion: if Osama bin Laden is dead, the US should not be using its troops and treasure to hunt him down.  

David Ray Griffin has published 35 books on philosophy, religion, and politics. His most recent book, The New Pearl Harbor Revisited, was a Publishers Weekly “Pick of the Week” in 2008.

Media Reviews
“David Ray Griffin, one of America’s most careful and judicious  political analysts, specializes in subjects the mainstream media and most politicians prefer to ignore. Three cheers to him now for taking  on the question of whether Osama bin Laden died some years ago and  should therefore no longer be a reason for the United States to  continue its war in Afghanistan. There are powerful forces both in the United States and some of its allies that undoubtedly want a  clash of civilizations. Some of these forces may well have acted  secretly in the past, and may still be working, to create situations,  real or false, to bring about more warfare. Griffin’s new book, with  its evidence that ‘messages from bin Laden’ may have been fabricated,  should encourage a complete rethinking of the mission in Afghanistan.”
—William Christison, former senior CIA official

“Osama bin Laden is the world’s best-known terrorist, but how much of  what we think we know about him is real? David Griffin examines this  question in greater depth than any previous author. Based on the  evidence, he suggests that bin Laden may have been dead for some  time. If so, this means that some covert operators have been  fabricating tapes to keep Osama bin Laden alive in the public’s imagination."
—Terrell E. Arnold, former deputy director of the US State Department Office of Counterterrorism, author of A World Less Safe

“This book is part of a growing body of nonfiction that illuminates  the cataclysmic gap between those with power, who do as they please, and those with knowledge, who are not heard. … President Obama [must]  break out of the closed circle of power to connect with the kind of  independent knowledge found in this book…”
—Robert David Steele Vivas, recovering spy, founder of the USMC  Intelligence Center, CEO of OSS.Net, and CEO of Earth Intelligence Network

"After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, one of the reasons for George W. Bush's invasion of Afghanistan was to uproot al Qaeda and "get" its leader, Osama bin Laden, "dead or alive." President Bush was widely criticized by his opponents, including presidential candidate Obama, for failing to achieve this objective. Why has the United States, with its massive intelligence apparatus and military might, not been able to apprehend bin Laden? In this provocative book, Griffin (codirector, Ctr. for Process Studies, Claremont Sch. of Theology: The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions), a leading conspiracy theorist on the subject of 9/11, seeks to solve this puzzle by asking, What if Osama bin Laden is no longer alive? He points out that the last time a message to or from bin Laden was intercepted was December 2001. Using a vast array of public statements and writings by public figures, military analysts, and former CIA officials and relying on publicly available data, Griffin deconstructs the report of the 9/11 Commission and highlights its omissions. He also examines purported messages from bin Laden since 2001 and finds little evidence that these in fact have come from bin Laden himself. VERDICT After presenting evidence worth pondering about bin Laden's possible demise, Griffin concludes more broadly by evaluating the policy implications of pursuing a debilitating war in Afghanistan. His highly recommended work is worth consideration by both general readers and students of 21st-century international affairs."
—Library Journal

"David Ray Griffin...has written a series of books questioning the official interpretation of 9/11. Here he turns his forensic powers to the question of whether or not Osama bin Laden is dead...setting out evidence that he died in 2001 and that all purported communications since that time have been fabricated...It seems likely that the intelligence services and governments deliberately distorted the situation in order to pursue political objectives embodied in the so-called war on terror...but this book gives readers the necessary background information to reach their own conclusions.”
—Scientific and Medical Network Review, (UK)

"Having gathered a following outside academia for his books questioning the standard narrative of the September 11th, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Griffin (emeritus, Claremont School of Theology) here questions whether Osama bin Laden is still alive. He concludes that bin Laden most likely died in 2001 and that subsequent messages from bin Laden have been faked, possibly as part of a psychological operations effort intended to maintain American public support for the war. "

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