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Maw Broon's But an' Ben Cookbook

8 1/2" x 10 1/2" • 192 pages
ISBN 9781902407616 • hardback • $19.95

A glorious follow up to Maw Broon's Cookbook. Full of traditional recipes - but all new recipes - such as clootie dumpling, auld alliance pudding, American apple pie, a stick and a poke (rhubarb with a small bag of sugar), bramble jelly, plus recipes using fresh ingredients such as mussels, trout, and whisky marmalade.

Scotland’s best loved matriarch launches her second cookbook with the secrets of her country cooking from the But An’ Ben. The Gourmand Award-winning Maw Broon’s Cookbook was Scotland’s Number One bestseller for nine weeks in the run up to Christmas 2007. Maw was "a wee bit pit oot" by all the stooshie in the papers last year over her Maw Broon's Cookbook – all that fuss about her being booked by the Diet Police! Indeed!

She was pleased to hear all the celebrity chefs saying "everything in moderation."

She went straight to the But An’ Ben to get the cookbook from there - as it has loads of healthy stuff - it being in the country. Maw loves the But an’ Ben, the Broons’ holiday home, her wee hoose among the heather that she always wanted, where the nation’s favorite family get away to from the town to experience all the goodness of the country!

More of Maw’s secrets are shared in Maw Broon's But an' Ben Cookbook. There are simple recipes too – for when the whole family isn’t there and Maw has to stay at Glebe Street, so the brood doesn’t fade away.

These are completely new recipes from Maw. Traditional cooking with organic, nutritious ingredients, as well as some good, old-fashioned full-fat favorites!

And the bits and pieces that are tucked into the cookbook are all there– stains, seed packets, timetables, photos… everything. Maw's been making all these recipes for years too - and she gets the whole family out and about in the fresh air, gathering and foraging. Happy peaceful carefree days for the whole family. Outings - Days Out - Activities that big and wee bairns can all do together

Maw thinks there's nothing better than the whole family working away - having fun and days out all together.

And she believes in the whole family sitting down together and eating and blethering and catching up with all that's going on. The family that eats together stays together! As Maw says "Play weel, Eat weel - stay weel!"

And Jings - in this country we've got such rare good food on our own doorstep - fish and meat - everything fresh - eggs - poultry - fruit for the picking, a countryside rich in mushrooms, berries and wild plants for those who know where to look.

And Maw says “there's nae need tae cheat when you are cookin'!”

This is a cookbook for every season, using all the goodness of the land. The outdoor life. Days out and things to do. The seaside isn’t that far away, and the Luntie Loch and Snechtie River provide an abundance of local fish for the talented fisherman. (Or for Paw and Granpaw there’s an excellent fishmonger in Auchentogle.) There’s picnic and barbecue food, and perfect food for a hiker’s packed lunch and for hampers.

Grow your own. There’s gardening tips and recipes for the home-grown produce from Granpaw’s vegetable patch. He’s a dab hand at growing herbs, leeks, carrots and tatties at the back of the But an’ Ben.

Pick your own. There’s food for free aplenty at the But an’ Ben, and foraging is a great activity for bored bairns. Wild plants, berries, mushrooms, and herbs – there’s rich pickings in the hedgerows for those who know where to look.

Nostalgia. Readers will recognise the various rituals of family days out: tartan travel rugs, leaky flasks, sand in your sandwiches, falling in the burn, travel sickness, midgies… and good, honest family fun in the outdoors!

Maw Broon’s But an' Ben Cookbook has it all. Happy, peaceful, carefree days at the But an’ Ben!

Media Reviews

"Maw Broon is back but this time is stuffed with recipes, tips and some memorable family events from Scotland’s first family, with a decidedly holiday feel to them. Many involve ingredients that have been foraged from field and hedgerow, loch and stream. There are plenty of simple recipes for those members of the family who lack her vast experience. Essential!"
—I-On Magazine

"‘Healthy foods the Maw Broon way.’ Maw Broon’s back in the kitchen, and teaching the nation to cook – but this time healthy recipes are included. Her first cookbook horrified health experts with the fat and sugar content, but this book, while featuring some of the lard, is much more nutritious. Dishes use local produce and include sweet chestnut burgers, bramble jeely and turnip wine. Her new cookbook uses great Scottish produce… Nutritionist Carina Norris said: ‘it’s great to celebrate Maw Broon and all that’s good about the Scottish diet. And, after all, at least Maw Broon cooks for her family, rather than going out for a takeaway every night." 
—BBC News

"The two cookbooks are artfully crafted to look like the sort of thing your granny kept. With the publication of the first book, suddenly clootie dumpling, Scotch broth, drop scones and suet pudding were back on everyone’s menu. Unlike its predecessor, the But an’ Ben Cookbook is a collection of recipes for healthy meals contributing to getting your five a day, with instructions on how to make low-fat versions of Scottish family favourites and in this book Maw Broon recommends using organic ingredients. It also lists gardening tips from Granpaw, as well as full-fat old-fashioned dishes like lamb hot-pot."

"Includes treats like Maw Broon’s honey cake, chocolate muffins, Auld Alliance pudding, apple pie – complete with six tablespoons of lard, and a Poke an’ a stalk. But there are occasional concessions to the diet-conscious too. This year the first book has sold more than Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course, Jamie Oliver’s Cook with Jamie and Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food."—Daily Mail

"Cleverly-designed with seemingly hand-written notes, taped-in recipes and cooking stains."
—The Herald

"But an’ Ben – Listen to your maw! Maw Broon’s latest cookbook is a slim line follow-up with lighter options. It’s a healthier option – a recipe for success."—Metro London

"The last volume was one of the bestselling titles of last year and this new book is sure to please an audience of all ages. If you chuckled at some of the ingredients from times past in Maw’s original cookbook, and then this new instalment is sure to please. Braw!"
—Paisley Daily Express

"Take a telling from Maw Broon. The braw times are back. Spirit of the times says all that cheffy stuff is so last year. Canny cooks are laying down stocks of the matriarch’s 'But An' Ben Cookbook' before the Sassenachs scoop ‘em all up for their holiday cottages. The look, as befits a credit-crunch Hogmannay, is battered, well-thumbed household-cum-cookbook with stuck-in clippings and margin-notes, mostly deserving of a clip round the ear. Recipes are handwritten but legible, and the style, as devotees of the strip-cartoon will recognise, is irreverence in the vernacular: rude, on the button and very very funny. It’s not all cloutie dumpling and auld alliance pudding either, though you’ll not be shortchanged in that department. Maw Broon learned her stuff in the ‘40’s, knows all about seasonal and local, not to mention making-do with hedgerow and shore-gatherings: you’ll find nettle soup, perch baked with cream, brownies fried in butter, birch-sap wine, soused mackerel. Hogmannay treats include black bun, shortbread and Maw’s favourite home-made Advocaat with evaporated milk. So go on, gies another bit o’ the gingerbread."
—Elisabeth Luard, The Scotsman

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