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The World Tribunal on Iraq
Making the Case Against War
Edited by Muge Gursoy Sokmen; introductions by Arundhati Roy and Richard Falk

6" x 9" • 561 pages
ISBN 9781566566834 • paperback • $25.00

“This book is an account of those proceedings and stands as one of the most comprehensive—and devastating—documents assessing virtually every aspect of the Iraq War and the U.S. occupation.
Peace activist Müge Gürsoy Sokmen has done a superb job editing and translating the collection into English...
'World Tribunal on Iraq' leaves almost nothing to the imagination. It assesses the historic, economic, and political aspects of the U.S.-led coalition’s invasion and occupation as well as a disturbingly if often clinically detailed account of the massive destruction it has caused. These accounts were written by men and women who often witnessed the events, or the aftermath of the events, that they describe.
While the entries are infused with passion, they are above all well informed and often intimately detailed products of research and analysis. Such a comprehensive study makes for a large book yet it would be suitable for the classroom… it offers excellent background…
In concluding its work, the Tribunal on Iraq issued a series of findings and charges…”
—Peace & Change, January 2009

A definitive reference work for activists and citizens interested in taking part in the worldwide effort to speak out against the war in Iraq and against the abuse of power.

“In February 2003—weeks before an illegal war was initiated against Iraq—millions of people protested in the streets of the world. That call went unheeded... [Now] Iraq has been invaded, occupied, and devastated. The attack on Iraq is an attack on justice, on liberty, on our safety, on our future, on us all. We, people of conscience, decided to stand up. We formed the World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI) to demand justice and a peaceful future. The principal object of the WTI is to tell and disseminate the truth about the Iraq War...”
—from the Declaration of the Jury of Conscience

This book is that testimony, expertly introduced by activist Müge Gürsoy Sökmen, Booker Prize winner and peace activist Arundhati Roy, and the noted human rights scholar Richard Falk. As Roy notes in her introduction, this is an attempt to “correct the record—to document the history of the war not from the point of view of the victors but of the temporarily—and I repeat the word “temporarily”—vanquished.” Every aspect of the war is examined—from its legality, to the effects of cluster bombs and depleted uranium, to its ecological impact, to the history of US and British military interventions of Iraq, to the role of international institutions and corporations in the occupation, to the use of torture, and to strategies of resistance.

Contributors include: Arundhati Roy • Richard Falk • Phil Shiner • Hans von Sponeck • Larry Everest • Jim Harding • Amy Bartholomew • Issa Shivji • Anthony Alessandrini • Baskõn Oran • Khaled Fahmy • Guglielmo Carchedi • Walden Bello • Saul Landau • David Miller • Mete Cubukçu • Jayan Nayar • Ömer Madra • Dahr Jamail • Akira Maeda, Sayo Saruta, Koichi Inamori • Thomas Fasi • Denis Halliday • Hana Ibrahim • Eman Khammas • Tim Goodrich • Amal Sawadi • Fadhil al-Bedrani • Herbert Docena • Mohammed al-Rahoo • Abdul Ilah al-Bayaty • Niloufer Bhagwat • Nermin al-Mufti • Barbara Olcshansky • Rana M. Mustafa • Abdul Wahab Al Obeidi • Johan Galtung • Gül Pulhan • Amal al-Khedairy • Joel Kovel • Souad Naji Al-Azzawi • Ay e Gül Altõnay • Nadje Al-Ali • Liz Fekete • Samir Amin • Ahmad Mohamed al-Jaradat • Wamidh Nadhmi • John Ross • Christine Chinkin • Ken Coates • Corrine Kumar • Biju Matthew

Müge Gürsoy Sökmen, editor, translator, and co-founder of the Turkish publishing house Metis, has been a peace and freedom-of-expression activist for more than twenty years.

Indian novelist Arundhati Roy won the Booker Prize for her novel The God of Small Things. She is also the author several works of non-fiction, including The Cost of Living: The Greater Common Good and the End of Imagination. Her work as a peace activist was recognized with the Sydney Peace Award in 2004. She lives in New Delhi.

Richard Falk is the chair of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University, and visiting professor of global studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Among his many books are Religion and Human Global Governance and The Great Terror War.

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