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Complete Book of Mince
René La Sagne

7” x 9 ½” • 160 pages • full-color illustrations throughout
ISBN 9781902407746 • hardback • $19.95

This humorous cookbook contains every mince (that's ground beef for us Americans) preparation one could imagine — even plenty of vegetarian mince! From simple classics to the gourmet and the absurd, it's really mincey.

In the days before low-fat this and zero-calorie that, and in an era when obesity only showed itself in the occasional family who where a little on the big-boned side, generations ate in moderation and where happily brought up on traditional home-cooked family food and handed-down recipes. Of all these staples, it was mince that was both one of the most accessible and one of the most popular dishes that millions never grew tired of. It kept the nation fit, healthy and full.

Contents include:

•The History of Mince
•The Magic of Mince
•Good Old-fashioned Mince
•Mince for Every Occasion
•Burger Me! It's Mince Again
•Mince Around the World

From the Author:

I am Swiss-French from La Chaux de-Fonds, but now, after falling for the lovely Kelly Marie, I am Scottish. I grew in Switzerland and trained much in France but, since a few years ago, left to become the principal chef with one of the premier dining establishment of Paisley, near the airport. There was much to learn for my new customers.

However, if there were a word which summed up all of my experiments of my new culinary environment then it would be - mince.

Mince is the fuel that sustains any country, giving the nourishment for the growing children while they rejoice in their dinners of school, and it is the perfect climax of the workman has he arrives home for the tea.

Mince is also the perfect accompaniment at the special night outside. What could be more romantic that good company, a bottle of wine and a plate of mince?

In The Complete Book of Mince I give the recipes for many marvellous mincey foods. From friends of myself from Hamburg and China to America, I give to you mince specialities from all over.

These recipes extend from family favourites which were passed by the generations, to essential dinners of the school, to the traditional meals that your granny could have made.

Go down thus at your local butcher or supermarket and order some mince, and with the assistance of The Complete Book of Mince prepare the delicious dishes for the manner in that we live today.

I hope that you too will appreciate this journey in the world of mince and that by plunging in this book you will once more learn how to love the odour of mince. I think you will find it really mincey.

Bon appetit! - René La Sagne


Media Reviews

"Best-selling chefs Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver have a new rival – ‘The Complete Book of Mince’… so mum’s treat has gone all posh, and René proves mince is fit for a prince."
—The Sun

"A veritable feast of mince recipes by up and coming celebrity chef René La Sagne."
—Evening Telegraph, Dundee

"Scattered throughout the book are tips, observations and commentary on mince’s history and restaurant etiquette. A funny, brave, new cookery book from not-yet-celebrity chef Rene La Sagne, the self-styled Prince of Mince. This book might put your taste buds into overdrive."
—The Weekly News,

"Many recipes and amusing facts about mince."
—The Daily Record

"Beefy good humour, …(it) features 72 essential recipes from good-old fashioned mince and tatties to gourmet meals. The book is a beefy barrel of laughs – full of amazing new ways of serving an old Scottish favourite."
—The Sunday Post

"Waverley’s new book, ‘The Complete Book of Mince’, was on sale at Glasgow’s BBC Good Food Guide at the weekend… Could the name lasagne be a clue that it is a spoof? A chap buying the book asked where the Maison du Mince was, as he fancied taking his family there. A business opportunity for someone then…"
—The Herald diary

"Apart from the recipes, which are truly mince magic, the book overflows with useful dining tips. It proves mum was years ahead of her time and I am sure that before long La Sagne’s name will be up there with Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, and Heston Blumenthal in the league of celebrity chefs. It is rare to find a chef who mixes the wisdom of Confucius with the culinary nous of Rab C Nesbitt. This is a brilliant new book. Thank you Waverley for brightening my day."
—Instanta Blog Spot

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