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Illustrated Children's Books
Lola TortolaLola Tortola
Caribbean Limericks
Molly Manley; Illustrated by Janet Marshall
The easy cadences of limericks lend themselves ideally to these whimsical verses written specially for children. Fresh and original rhymes, set around the islands of the Caribbean, feature animal characters who do the sorts of silly things that child...
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Look Back!Look Back!
Trish Cooke; illustrated by Caroline Binch
New in paperback


Who was the mysterious Ti Bolom? Could he be real or was he just one of Grandma’s inventions from her Caribbean childho...
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Mauby and the HurricaneMauby and the Hurricane
Peter Laurie; illustrated by H. Ann Dodson
For Mauby, the cat who lives with her friends on the Caribbean island farm, adventures seem to be a thing of the past. She is getting fat and a bit lazy.  But one day, Boo, the wise owl, warns the farm animals of great danger to come. ...
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Mauby’s Big AdventureMauby’s Big Adventure
Peter Laurie; illustrated by H. Ann Dodson
Our Hero, Mauby, is a cat with an inquisitive streak, not content with his life on the farm he wishes to explore, and explore he does, across a beautiful Caribbean island. In his adventure he comes across all sorts of creatures, both kind and unkind,...
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Mauby’s Quest for the Magic FlowerMauby’s Quest for the Magic Flower
Peter Laurie; illustrated by H. Ann Dodson
All is not well on our beautiful Caribbean island. One of the farmyard animals is very ill. Farmer Hunte fears the worst. But the other animals do not despair. They know who will come to the rescue: Mauby the Cat!

Mauby’s second adv...
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Miri and the Magic DoorMiri and the Magic Door
Juliet Barclay; illustrated by Xiomara Sera
Miri, who lives in Havana, steps through an intriguing blue door and suddenly finds she has gone back in time to a couple of centuries before. 

She meets a disorganized pirate whose foul-mouthed and bad-tempered pet has made him buy...
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Oh No! The Pink Flamingo Turned GreenOh No! The Pink Flamingo Turned Green
Marilyn Sheffield; Illustrated by by Katie McConnachie
On the Island of Great Inagua in The Bahamas, there lives a huge colony of beautiful pink flamingos. They are happy in their work and play - happy, that is, except for Candice, a young flamingo who isn't very good at hunting for shrimps. 'Too...
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One World Kids CookbookOne World Kids Cookbook
Easy, Healthy, and Affordable Family Meals
Sean Mendez; foreword by Ferran Adrià
"Books like this allow food to have an important social value."
-Ferran Adria, named World's Greatest Chef five times by Restaurant Magazine

This healthy eating cookbook is aimed at encouraging...
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Paddy, the Goat that Saved Rainbow IslandPaddy, the Goat that Saved Rainbow Island
Jo-Anne Mason
Paddy the Goat was different from all the other kids—apart from anything else he could not baa. The elders decided that if he could not do this by his first birthday he must leave the herd. Cast out by his seniors Paddy sets out to find his own...
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Parrots and Papa Bois, TheParrots and Papa Bois, The
Lynette Comissiong; illustrated by Avril Turner
Marcus and Mira fly all over the Talparo forest on a tiny island in the blue Caribbean Sea.

“Cra-cra-cra-aa. Craaa, craaa, craaa craaa,” they squawk.

Everywhere they go all the animals complain about the raucous nois...
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Illustrated Children's Books
Rebel VoicesRebel Voices
The Global Fight for Women’s Equality and the Right to Vote
Louise Kay Stewart; illustrations by Eve Lloyd Knight


Rule Breakers. Risk Takers. Rebel Women. Law Makers. This book is a celebration of women standing up, speaking out, and sticking...
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Zebo Nooloo ChinoZebo Nooloo Chino
A Caribbean Folk Tale
Lynette Comissiong; illustrated by Rachel Parker
Young Isha has to find out the old woman’s name but, try as she might, she cannot guess. Who can help her and why does she need to know? Only a remarkable crab Solistine knows the secret.

In this classic, beautifully illustrated folk...
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Illustrated Gift Books
Barbados and Its PeopleBarbados and Its People
Peter Laurie; photographs by Mike Toy
“The small island of Barbados, 'the Rock' as it is affectionately called by those who cling to it... has long been recognized as a peculiar place that defies, if not description, at least explanation.”

So begins Peter L...
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The Islands
Donald Nausbaum
The Caribbean is synonymous with golden beaches, palm tress, and warm sunshine. However, in this book, Donald Nausbaum proves there is so much more as he takes you on a spectacular virtual reality tour of the islands that make up the Caribbe...
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Portrait of an Island
text Ron Base; photography by Donald Nausbaum
In this unique collection of vibrant and enchanting photographs, Donald Nausbaum has captured the essence of Cuba, the Caribbean’s most fascinating island. Cuba has long preoccupied the imagination of photographers, with its spectacular contras...
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Cuba ClassicsCuba Classics
A Celebration of Vintage American Automobiles
photos and text Christopher P. Baker
This unique homage to Cuba’s astonishing wealth of antique cars is also a paean to the extraordinary people who keep their weary cacharros running with resourcefulness, ingenuity and great good humor. In a collection of vibrant images, Cuba...
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Jamaica Through My EyesJamaica Through My Eyes
Lois Samuels Ingledew
Jamaica-born supermodel Lois Samuels Ingledew has spent her career in front of the camera posing for magazines from Essence to Vogue and has taken part in advertising campaigns for Banana Republic and Calvin Klein. Her lifelong pass...
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My JamaicaMy Jamaica
Judy Ann MacMillan
Judy Ann MacMillan is one of Jamaica's leading artists. She is perhaps best known for her landscape painting but her unique talent for observing and recording her island home does not stop there. While My Jamaica features a fine selectio...
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St Vincent and the GrenadinesSt Vincent and the Grenadines
Mike Toy and Kathy Martin
The last island in the Caribbean to evolve after a series of volcanic eruptions, St. Vincent is one of the most beautiful regions of the Eastern Caribbean. This stunning photographic collection captures its coral sands, azure seas, verdant valleys, a...
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Saving Endangered Migratory Species
Stanley Johnson and Robert Vagg
Produced in conjunction with a UN agency, this book is both an informative warning against the threat facing many species and a stunning celebration of their beauty

Our ruthless exploitation of the natural world has already driven...
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