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Secret Holy War of Santiago de Chile, TheSecret Holy War of Santiago de Chile, The
Marco Antonio de la Parra; translated by Charles Thomas
Tito Livio Trivino is a disillusioned and cynical advertising agent in Santiago who suddenly finds himself swept up in a whirlwind of strange and terrifying events. He discovers that his father was a double agent for both God and the Devil; that he i...
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Such As I HaveSuch As I Have
Garfield Ellis
Headly is the cream. And he knows it. He's the most gifted cricketer on the Slygoville team, the most sought-after bachelor amongst the village girls, popular with the men and a hero to the boys. He can eat at any table in the village, sleep in a...
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The Festival of San JoaquinThe Festival of San Joaquin
Zee Edgell
Luz Marina, jailed for the murder of her violent husband, returns to her home village, hoping to leave the past behind and win back custody of her children. But first she must reckon with the ill-will of her former employer and mother-in-law, the wea...
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Under the Perfume TreeUnder the Perfume Tree
Stories weaving patterns of past lives
edited by Judy Stone
A free-spirited Amerindian girl, encountering British sailors for the first time; a Dutch bo'sun marooned by pirates on the bare rock Saba; an indentured descendant of Pathan soldiers labouring on a hillside estate; a strange boy n...
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Under the Silk Cotton TreeUnder the Silk Cotton Tree
From Grenada
Jean Buffong
Under the silk cotton tree, Flora weaves tales of her village life-tales of families and friends, strange neighbors and weird events. Tales of the jumbie in the tambranch trees, of the mermaid on the rock, of Miss Eva addressign God and the waves, of...
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Voices of Time, TheVoices of Time, The
Kenrick Mose
In this rich and memorable novel, the twentieth-century history of Trinidad forms the backdrop to an evocative, sometimes harrowing, family saga: the story of three generations of the ill-starred Greenidge clan during their dogged rise from colonial...
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General History & Politics
Belize, A Concise HistoryBelize, A Concise History
Peter Thomson
The small Central American state of Belize has an unusual history. It was an important part of the pre-Columbian Mayan civilization, which also embraced most of Guatemala, northern Honduras, and southern Mexico. Having fallen between three early Span...
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Bolivia in FocusBolivia in Focus
A Guide to the People, Politics, and Culture
Robert J. Werner
This land of colorful cultures and stunning landscapes offers the curious visitor and student an unending stream of extraordinary things. From a fantastic archeological record to llama fetuses in the Witch’s Market, from the coca story to the h...
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Buenos AiresBuenos Aires
A Cultural Guide
Nick Caistor

The architect Le Corbusier once called Buenos Aires “the capital of an imaginary empire.” From its foundation in the sixteenth century, Argentina’s main city has bee...
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General History of the CaribbeanGeneral History of the Caribbean
Volume IV - The Long Nineteenth Century
edited by Keith Lawrence
The title of Volume IV of the General History of the Caribbean, The Long Nineteenth Century, indicates its range, from the last years of the eighteenth to the first two decades of the twentieth. The volume begins during the hegemony...
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General History & Politics
Harbour Island Story, TheHarbour Island Story, The
Anne and Jim Lawlor
The Harbour Island Story is a well documented, informative and entertaining account of the island which was once second in importance to New Providence within the Bahamian archipelago. Drawing on new material from official, church, oral and...
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Imperial SkirmishesImperial Skirmishes
War and Gunboat Diplomacy in Latin America
Andrew Graham-Yooll
Notorious for its recent military dictatorships, South America is less well known for its wars. But since the dawn of independence in the early nineteenth century, the continent has witnessed a series of conflicts, some short and small-scale, others...
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Paradise OverseasParadise Overseas
The Dutch Caribbean: Colonialsim and its Transatlantic Legacies
Gert Oostindie
Paradise Overseas presents a tour around the main themes of Dutch Caribbean history and its contemporary legacies. Drawing on wide expertise in Caribbean and Latin American studies, Gert Oostindie strongly posits a refreshing analysis of the...
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Power LinesPower Lines
U.S. Domination in the New Global Order
Alejandro Bendana
How is the massive shift in power and competition between and among the powerful countries of the North affecting the South?

Grounded in a richly articulated perspective from the South, Nicaraguan scholar Alejandro Bendaña has craft...
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Renegades !Renegades !
The History of the Renegades Steel Orchestra of Trinidad & Tobago
Kim Johnson; Edited by Helene Bellour and Milla Riggion; Photos by Jeffrey Chock
The steel pan is the great success story of acoustic musical instruments in the twentieth century. It begins just before World War II, when Carnival processions in Trinidad began knocking rhythms on bits of metal, dustbins, pots and pans. Within a de...
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The Best of Air Jamaica's Inflight Magazine
edited by Linda Gambrill
First published in September 1972, SkyWritings was conceived with two guiding principles: that Jamaica is a symphony of vibrant textures, and that there are many ways to tell Jamaica's story. This is an illuminating and entertaining expo...
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The Chavez CodeThe Chavez Code
Cracking US Intervention in Venezuela
Eva Golinger
Perhaps no world leader is better placed to challenge the global authority of the United States than Hugo Chavez, the populist leader of Venezuela. As the head of one of the world’s largest oil-producing countries, Chavez has been instrumental...
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Thyssen Art Macabre, TheThyssen Art Macabre, The
The History of the Thyssens
David R. L. Litchfield
Old August Thyssen created one of the world’s greatest industrial fortunes. But his heirs would become better known for their extravagance, their divorce and inheritance battles and both the creation and sale of their art collection. This is th...
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Illustrated Children's Books
Caribbean AlphabetCaribbean Alphabet
Frané Lessac
This book contains a collection of colorful paintings, each devoted to a letter of the alphabet portraying scenes from Caribbean life with each subject featured beginning with the same letter. At the end of the book there is a brief description of ea...
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Lizard got into the Paint Pots, ALizard got into the Paint Pots, A
Jill Pickering; illustrated by Petrina Wright
“Upside down on the wall, basking in the hot Caribbean sun that shone through the window, lizard surveyed the room.”

He has sneaked in through an open door. The owners are out and he has his new kingdom to himself—apart,...
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