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Interlink World Fiction

The best way to learn about people and places far away.

This series is designed to bring to North American readers the once-unheard voices of writers who have achieved wide acclaim at home, but were not recognized beyond the borders of their native lands. With special emphasis on women writers, Interlink's Emerging Voices series publishes the best of the world's contemporary literature in translation or original English.

"Interlink World Fiction is now the most important collection of Arabic literature in translation in the English-speaking world." --Robert J. Sullivan, professor at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in Metamorphoses, a journal of translation

Search Results

Days of Miracles and Wonders, TheDays of Miracles and Wonders, The
An Epic of New World Disorder
Simon Louvish
The Days of Miracles and Wonders is Louvish's most ambitious novel to date, ranging across history's follies, past and present. From his tomb in Fontevraud, the Crusader King Richard the Lionheart rises to face the modern world at th...
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Dreams of Maryam TairDreams of Maryam Tair
Blue Boots and Orange Blossoms
Mhani Alaoui


Outside of time, the legendary queen Sheherazade tells a little girl a story that has happened, and is yet to happen. Dreams of Maryam Tair brings readers to a Casablanca of m...
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End of Spring, TheEnd of Spring, The
Sahar Khalifeh; translated by Paula Haydar
In The End of Spring, Sahar Khalifeh chronicles the struggle of the Palestinian people with a humane depiction of Palestinian resistance fighters during the 2002 siege of Yasir Arafat's official headquarters. Khalifeh's tender and mo...
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Abd al-Rahman Munif; translated by Roger Allen
"One of the most important novelists writing in Arabic..."
--The Guardian

''Drought. Drought again! When drought seasons come, things begin to change. Life and objects change. Humans change...
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Everything Good Will ComeEverything Good Will Come
Sefi Atta
Everything Good Will Come introduces an important new voice in contemporary fiction. With insight and a lyrical wisdom, Nigerian-born Sefi Atta has written a powerful and eloquent story set in her African homeland. It is 1971, a year after t...
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Flying CarpetsFlying Carpets
Hedy Habra

Flying Carpets is a story collection in the grand tradition of Arab storytelling. In it, Habra masterfully waves her writing wand and takes us on a journey as we read about people a...
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Fragments of MemoryFragments of Memory
A Story of a Syrian Family
Hanna Mina; introduction by Khaldoun Shamaa; translated by translated by Olive Kenny and Lorne Kenny
Fragments of Memory offers a picture of reality that is simple, direct, and quite emotional... an image of Syrian society in the thirties and forties through the struggle of an impoverished family—of an origin that is neither rural nor...
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Gardens of Light, TheGardens of Light, The
Amin Maalouf; translated by Dorothy S. Blair
The Gardens of Light tells the life story of Mani, painter, doctor, and prophet born in Mesopotamia—modern day Iraq—in the early third century of the Christian era. He advocated “The Gospel of Light”—a religious...
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Geometry of God, TheGeometry of God, The
Uzma Aslam Khan
Independent Publisher Book Awards 2010, Bronze Medal Winner - Multicultural Fiction

Amal: the practical sister who digs up the “diamond key” that unlocks the mystery of Pakicetus, a whale-dog creature...
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Hassam Najmi; translated from the Arabic by Roger Allen


As Hassan Najmi’s acclaimed novel begins, our unnamed narrator befriends an elderly man, Muhammad, who, as a young man, worked as a tour guide in the city...
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Homes of the HeartHomes of the Heart
A Ramallah Chronicle
Farouq Wadi; translated by Dina Bosio and Christopher Tingley
Returning to his home town of Ramallah after long exile, the author is shocked to find the changes wrought, above all, by the Israeli occupation. An account—informative, lyrical and humorous by turn—of his own early life in the town is in...
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Honey, TheHoney, The
Zeina B. Ghandour
Ruhiya is an intensely spiritual young girl, the muezzin's daughter in an oasis village in Palestine under Israeli occupation. One night her childhood love, a recently converted fundamentalist, sets off on a suicide mission. Ruhiya breac...
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Hostage, TheHostage, The
Zayd Mutee' Dammaj; translated by May Jayyusi and Christopher Tingley
Set in the pre-revolution Yemen of the Imams, this novel depicts the experiences of a young boy who, having been taken hostage, in line with the Imam's general practice, as a pledge for his father's political obedience, is sent to serve as a...
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House of Jasmine, TheHouse of Jasmine, The
Ibrahim Abdel Meguid, translated by Noha Radwan

On June 13, 1974, Shagara, a low-level employee at the Alexandria shipyard, is charged with taking workers to cheer for the motorcade of Egyptian President Sadat and his guest President Nixon. Instructed to pay each worker half a pound at the end...
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House of the WindsHouse of the Winds
Mia Yun
"At night, brother and I often stretched out on the veranda floor like two star fish and picked out Scorpion and Orion and the Big Dipper from the night sky, densely pricked with chipped pieces of diamond. If we fixed our eyes on the sky long en...
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How to Fight Islamist Terror from the Missionary PositionHow to Fight Islamist Terror from the Missionary Position
Tabish Khair


Funny and sad, satirical and humane, this novel tells the interlinked stories of three unforgettable men whose trajectories cross in Denmark: the flamboyant Ravi, the fundamental...
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Just Another Jihadi JaneJust Another Jihadi Jane
Tabish Khair


A novel about friendship, faith, and alienation, Just Another Jihadi Jane tells the tale of...
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Just Like a RiverJust Like a River
Muhammad Kamil al-Khatib; translated by Maher Barakat and Michelle Hartman
Thought by many Syrians to be the most influential novel of its time, this first novel of Muhammad Kamil al-Khatib is a riveting examination of Syrian political and social life during the 1980s. With a multi-voiced narration carried, like a river, fr...
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Kassandra and the WolfKassandra and the Wolf
Margarita Karapanou; translated by N.C. Germanacos
“No retelling of Kassandra and the Wolf can explain its charm, or its riddles. … [It] is one of those rare creations that come alive mysteriously, without any antecedents. The book is original, terrifying, complete. It inven...
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Lake Beyond the Wind, ALake Beyond the Wind, A
Yahya Yakhlif; translated by M. Jayyusi and C. Tingley
The year is 1948; the place, Samakh, a small town on Lake Tiberias, north of Jerusalem. People in Samakh are waiting — for what, exactly, they do not yet know. The whistle of the Haifa-Deraa train doesn't sound anymore. Abd al-Karim, the sh...
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