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Scottish Humor

Search Results

Glasgow Urban MythsGlasgow Urban Myths
Ian Black
Urban myths are those stories that survive in the lack of any corroborating information, thrive in the face of their immense improbability and live on simply because it's just more fun to believe them. And spiritual home to that freewheeling spir...
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Greatest Game, TheGreatest Game, The
The Ancyent and Healthfulle Exercyse of the Golff
Hugh Dodd and Prof. David Purdie; foreword by Colin Montgomerie
Did you know that Shakespeare was a golfer? And that Rembrandt was no stranger to the fairway?

Professor David Purdie takes a seriously humorous swipe at our collected knowledge of the game in this enlightening and entertaining compendium. Based o...
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Greatest Geordie One-LinersGreatest Geordie One-Liners
Ian Black
Greatest Geordie One-Liners is the latest collection of the Geordies' knack for the straightforward insults, the sly digs, and the outright threats, culled from pubs and clubs Newcastle-wide by Ian Black, master of the quick sidestep. Hi...
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Greatest Scouse One-LinersGreatest Scouse One-Liners
Ian Black
Greatest Scouse One-Liners is the latest collection to showcase the Scouse skill for the straightforward insults, the sly digs, and the outright threats, culled from pubs and clubs Liverpool-wide by Ian Black, master of the quick sidestep. H...
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Greatest Weegie Wan-LinersGreatest Weegie Wan-Liners
Ian Black
When someone describes a bitter woman as having: "A mouth like a kirby grip," or a depressed man as having: "A face like a horse in the huff," you can be fairly sure that you have strayed into Weegie Wan-Liners territory....
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Grrreat Scottish DogsGrrreat Scottish Dogs
Alison Fitt; illustrated by by Bob Dewar
We all know that Lab C Nesbitt was usually in the doghouse with Mary Doll and that Bonnie Pincher Charlie was barking up the wrong tree in his attempts to retriever the throne but have the Pupclaimers ever been sent a litter from America by mistake?<...
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Hamish McHamish of St AndrewsHamish McHamish of St Andrews
Cool Cat About Town
Susan McMullan
Hamish McHamish is a truly remarkable cat. He has roamed around the heart of the world-famous town of St Andrews for the last 13 years, adored by locals, students and tourists from all over the world and now has more than 2,500 Facebook friends. This...
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Harry the Polis Volume 5Harry the Polis Volume 5
Aye, That Will Be Right!
Harry Morris
Last we heard was Ye're Never Gonnae Believe It! Well all I've got to say to that is, Aye, That Will Be Right!

And so the hilarious adventures recalled by ex-polis Harry Morris, the self-appointed Chief Constable of Funny...
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Help Ma BoabHelp Ma Boab
Oor Wullie Funbooks
Scottish comics character Oor Wullie and his pals Fat Bob, Wee Eck and Soapy Soutar are at large in this funbook, which features puzzles, quizzes, games, jokes and cartoons. Help Ma Boab is one of a set of four books, availabl...
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Herald Diary, TheHerald Diary, The
Ken Smith
If all Scotsmen think they are a comedian, then the Herald newspaper's daily Diary column is their jokebook. When true life cartwheels over into humor or a joke is cracked in a Scottish office, bar or playground, it usually ends up in th...
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It's a SignIt's a Sign
Unbelievable Signs From Scotland and Beyond
Ken Smith
For years the Herald has published some of the funniest photos around. Now, this brilliant collection brings you the best range ever both from Scotland and around the globe....
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Jim Hewitson's Scottish MiscellanyJim Hewitson's Scottish Miscellany
Jim Hewitson
"My father did tell me I came from Covenanter stock and that Robbie Burns once bought one of my ancestors a drink. Turns out our Covenanters were actually sheep rustlers and apparently the bold Burns left the bar without paying. But I am not dow...
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Oor Wullie Funbooks
Scottish comics character Oor Wullie and his pals Fat Bob, Wee Eck and Soapy Soutar are at large in this funbook, which features puzzles, quizzes, games, jokes and cartoons. Jings is one of a set of four books, available as individ...
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Keep Calm and Get a CatKeep Calm and Get a Cat
Susan McMullan
If a dog is a man's best friend then surely cats are his closest companions?

Following in the footsteps of the ever-popular "Keep Calm" books, this is a delightful celebration of the wonderful world of cats.

So what if you'...
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Last Night On the Beat!Last Night On the Beat!
Best of Harry the Polis
Harry Morris
The hilarious adventures of Harry the Polis as recalled by ex-polis Harry Morris, the self-appointed Chief Constable of funny stories, continue with the publication of his tenth book, The Last Night on the Beat. Full of brilliant anecdotes,...
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Lies and Truths Ma Mother Telt Me!Lies and Truths Ma Mother Telt Me!
Your Scottish Motherís Sayings
Allan Morrison
Allan Morrison has again scoured the hearts and minds of Scots at home and abroad to
bring this hilarious compilation of sayings that reveal the inner workings of that most formidable of personalities...your mother! Over 350 lies and 250 truths...

Maw Broon's Remedies an' SuchlikeMaw Broon's Remedies an' Suchlike
No. 10 Glebe Street and the But an' Ben have seen more spills, stains, ailments and heard more moans and grumbles than most homes, as Maw's houseful of Broons go about their daily lives. Maw always knows how to soothe a skinned knee or a stin...
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Michty MeMichty Me
Oor Wullie Funbook

One of a follow-up series of four books to the best-selling first four Oor Wullie Funbooks. Oor Wullie, Scotland's best-known comic character, is at large in this accessible, easy-to-read series. A set of four books, available as individu...
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Oor Wee School...Wis A Rare Wee School!Oor Wee School...Wis A Rare Wee School!
Classroom Capers from Scottish Schoolchildren
Allan Morrison
A collection of utterances from the mouths of Scottish schoolchildren over the last 70 years which have been gathered by best-selling author Allan Morrison. These frequently hilarious snippits cover a huge range of frequently hilarious situations and...
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Oor Wullie's Dungarees Book For BoysOor Wullie's Dungarees Book For Boys
Welcome tae ma book!
Ma wis tellin' me that there wis so much in ma heid that it wis near tae burstin' so I got tae thinkin' that I'd better get it a' oot o' ma heid and write it doon in a book.
I alw...
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