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100 Best Paintings in London100 Best Paintings in London
Geoffrey Smith
The only book to provide a single volume introduction to the finest art in London.

100 Best Paintings in London is an essential guide to the cream of the great public collection of art in the capital. Each of the 100 chosen painti...
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100 Best Paintings in New York100 Best Paintings in New York
Deanna MacDonald and Geoffrey Smith
100 Best Paintings in New York combines art history, commentary, and tourists' guide to provide you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of New York's greatest works of art. The descriptions draw attention to fascinating deta...
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Art for Travellers FranceArt for Travellers France
The Essential Guide to Viewing Art in Paris and its Surrounds
Bill and Lorna Hannan
France holds some of the most remarkable and well-known collections of art in the world. This thorough and accessible guide covers every possible epoch, taking travelers on a guided journey through centuries of wonderful paintings, architecture, and...
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Art for Travellers GreeceArt for Travellers Greece
The Essential Guide to Viewing Art in Greece
Bill and Lorna Hannan
The art of Classical Greece has had an astonishing influence on Western art for more than two millennia. Art in Greece, however, extends over even more millennia. Neolithic material dates from about 7000 BCE. Rich and separable styles have been relia...
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Art for Travellers PragueArt for Travellers Prague
The Essential Guide to Viewing Art in Prague
Deanna MacDonald
It is no exaggeration to call Praha (Czech for Prague) one of the most beautiful cities in the world; few places possess such atmosphere and history, such magnificent art and architecture. Part of its allure comes from its extraordinarily ec...
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Art, Class & CleavageArt, Class & Cleavage
A Quantulumcunque Concerning Materialistic Esthetics
Ben Watson
Addressing the division between art and class (aesthetics and politics), and arguing that cultural impoverishment has been the result of this split, Watson puts forward theories that revive the interconnection and provide a startling reappraisal of M...
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Chinese Love PoetryChinese Love Poetry
edited and introduced by Jane Portal; illuminated by the artistic brushwork calligraphy of Qu Lei Le


The three arts of poetry, calligraphy and painting are regarded in China as the Triple Excellence, and they are brough...
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Cuba ClassicsCuba Classics
A Celebration of Vintage American Automobiles
photos and text Christopher P. Baker
This unique homage to Cuba’s astonishing wealth of antique cars is also a paean to the extraordinary people who keep their weary cacharros running with resourcefulness, ingenuity and great good humor. In a collection of vibrant images, Cuba...
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Glasgow Boys in Your PocketGlasgow Boys in Your Pocket
William Hardie
The Glasgow Boys revolutionized Scottish painting in the years between 1880 and 1895 but their influence lasted until just before the First World War. Sir John Lavery, Sir James Guthrie, George Henry, Edward Atkinson Hornel, Joseph Crawhall, Edward A...
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Indian Love PoetryIndian Love Poetry
edited by A.L. Dallapiccola
A selection of beautiful Indian love poetry, richly illustrated with vivid paintings from magnificent collections

Love is widely celebrated in Indian poetry, whether mystic love for the divine or the passionate and affectionate fe...
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Islamic Tiles (2nd ed.)Islamic Tiles (2nd ed.)
Venetia Porter
Ceramic tiles have been produced for over a thousand years in the heartlands of the Islamic world, from Iraq in the ninth century to Turkey in the nineteenth. The wealth of designs and colors used to decorate mosques, shrines and palaces later provid...
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Iznik PotteryIznik Pottery
John Carswell
This fascinating introduction tells the story of Iznik ceramics through a wealth of illustrations.

Some of the greatest glories of Ottoman art are the luxurious ceramic vessels and splendid tiles made to decorate newly founded mosques and...
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Llewellyn Xavier: His Life and WorkLlewellyn Xavier: His Life and Work
introduction by Edward Lucie-Smith
Llewellyn Xavier: His Life and Work is an in-depth retrospective of St Lucia's pre-eminent visual artist. Born in St Lucia, Xavier has spent more than half his life travelling the globe gaining rich and rewarding visual experience: from...
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Mughal MiniaturesMughal Miniatures
J. M. Rogers
The Mughal school of miniature painting flourished in northern India in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, chiefly under the patronage of the emperors Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan. Rooted in a diversity of cultural, religious and artistic tra...
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My JamaicaMy Jamaica
Judy Ann MacMillan
Judy Ann MacMillan is one of Jamaica's leading artists. She is perhaps best known for her landscape painting but her unique talent for observing and recording her island home does not stop there. While My Jamaica features a fine selectio...
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Persian Love PoetryPersian Love Poetry
selected and translated Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis and Sheila R. Canby
Love is a major theme in Persian poetry and can be interpreted in various ways—as mystic love, the basis of the relationship between humans and God, or as passionate or affectionate love between lovers, husbands and wives, parents and children,...
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Persian PaintingPersian Painting
Sheila R. Canby
Jewel-like colors, rich patterns, precise execution and virtuoso draftmanship characterize the best of Persian miniature painting: the perfect realization of an ideal world.

This fully illustrated book provides a concise account of Persian...
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Pocket Timeline of Ancient MexicoPocket Timeline of Ancient Mexico
Penny Bateman
A handy pocket-sized reference to the Aztec culture of ancient Mexico and the civilizations that preceded it
At the back of the book is a 12-page foldout timeline which can be detached and displayed on a wall or notice board...
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Pocket Timeline of Islamic CivilizationsPocket Timeline of Islamic Civilizations
Nicholas Badcott
A handy pocket-sized reference to the distinctive artistic, scientific and political achievements of Islamic cultures from approximately the 7th to the 20th centuries AD.

• 12-page detachable foldout timeline, perfect for wall display$13.95
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Scottish PaintingScottish Painting
1837 To The Present
William R. Hardie
This classic book is now in its third edition with a new introduction and final chapter that brings the book up to date with the latest developments in Scottish painting (Richard Wright's win of the Turner Prize 2009). Illustrated throughout, the...
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