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Scottish History

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Scottish GhostsScottish Ghosts
Lily Seafield
This bestselling book of Scottish ghosts, superstitions and folklore consists of stories that range in time from the seventeenth century to the recent past. In a lively, entertaining anthology, you will be introduced some of Scotland's best ghost...
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Scottish GoldScottish Gold
Neil Clark
Gold has been an important part of Scottish heritage for millennia and a new mine will shortly open in Tyndrum. Leisure panners can still be seen at the popular "gold" resorts of Wanlockhead and Kildonan. Extensive mining took place during...
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Scottish Military DisastersScottish Military Disasters
Paul Cowan
Scotland's reputation as a nation proud of its military history betrays the fact that the past is littered with catastrophes and failures. From the time of the Roman invasions until the Korean War, Scotland's military history is testament to...
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Scottish Myths and LegendsScottish Myths and Legends
Judy Hamilton
Scottish Myths and Legends is an entertaining taste of the feast of stories that Scotland has to offer. Fairy folk, witches, giants, monsters, tales of heroic princes, magic and miraculous feats - all are the stuff of the myths and legends o...
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Scottish WitchesScottish Witches
Lily Seafield
Let warlocks grim, an wither'd hags,
Tell, how wi you, on ragweed nags,
They skim the muirs an dizzy crags,
Wi wicked speed;
And in kirkyards renew thier leagues,
Owre howkit dead.

Robert Burns's famous...
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Skull and SaltireSkull and Saltire
Stories of Scottish Piracy
Jim Hewitson
Pirates! The word is enough to send a shiver through your timbers. A nation such as the Scots, with its seafaring tradition, inevitably has a history of lawlessness at sea. From the earliest times, shrewd sailors realized that, by branching out as go...
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Hammer of the Norse
Kathleen MacPhee
A new in-depth historical insight into the 12th-century King of Argyll who laid the foundations for the rout of the Vikings from Scotland's west coast. In doing so he set the foundations for the Lordship of the Isles and created a maritime power...
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St. AndrewsSt. Andrews
City by the Northern Sea
Raymond Lamont-Brown
St. Andrews is without doubt one of Scotland's most historic and beautiful cities. Once the ecclesiastical capital of Scotland, it played a prominent role in the nation's political life until the seventeenth century. In addition, it is also t...
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Story of Scotland, TheStory of Scotland, The
Nigel Tranter
Scotland's story cannot be told merely in terms of documentary evidence, for this would be to neglect an integral part of the nation's heritage. The legends, myths, stories and memories handed down from generation to generation must be added...
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Strange ThingsStrange Things
The Story of Fr Allan McDonald, Ada Goodrich Freer, and the Society for Physical Research’s enquiry
John Lorne Campbell, Trevor H. Hall
The supernatural has always played a prominent part of the life and culture of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, with ghosts, seers and second-sight featuring in countless stories and in the collective memory of the people. In the late 1890s, Fr. A...
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Tales and Traditions of Scottish CastlesTales and Traditions of Scottish Castles
Nigel Tranter
Nigel Tranter's gift for bringing Scottish history to life is demonstrated in this lively book, which details 45 of the nation's castles with their associated tales and traditions. With a broad geographical spread, Tranter breathes life into...
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Tales and Traditions of the LewsTales and Traditions of the Lews
Donald MacDonald of Gisla
After his retirement from a career in medicine, Donald Macdonald turned his acute and wide-ranging mind to the study of the history and traditions of his native Lewis. Despite suffering from severe osteoarthritis, he was extremely active in the socia...
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The Distilleries of CampbelltownThe Distilleries of Campbelltown
The Rise and Fall of the Whisky Capital of the World
David Stirk
New paperback edition of the first comprehensive insight into the rise and fall of Campbeltown's whisky industry. Illustrated in color and black and white including many archive maps.

Starting with the early origins of Cam...
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The JacobitesThe Jacobites
(Scottish Histories)
Molly Davidson
Who were the Scottish Jacobites? Why did they support the Jacobite rellions? Who helped them? Who harried them?

Their stories are emotive and full of stirring events: the triumph of Prestonpans, when Johnny Cope was sent scuttling off to Berwick w...

The Road to MaggieknockaterThe Road to Maggieknockater
Exploring Aberdeen and the North-East Through its Place Names
Robert Smith
The Road to Maggieknockater explores Aberdeen and the North-east through its place-names. It shows how place-names can tell you about the countryside, about the weather, about myths and legends, about forgotten settlements and raiding catera...
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Undiscovered DundeeUndiscovered Dundee
Brian King
History in Dundee is not a visible thing as it is in other cities such as Edinburgh or York. There are not many places in Dundee today where it is possible to stand and take in a view that would be instantly recognizable to a visitor from another cen...
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Union of the CrownsUnion of the Crowns
The Forging of Europe’s Most Independent State
Crawford Little
Why did the Union of Crowns happen? Was it Henry VIII's schism with Rome? Elizabeth I's refusal to marry? Or James VI and I's passion to make it work? In Union Jacques Crawford Little reveals that these influences were only part of a much...
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Warriors of the WordWarriors of the Word
The World of the Scottish Highlanders
Michael Newton
Words have always held great power in the Gaelic traditions of the Scottish Highlands: bardic poems bought immortality for their subjects; satires threatened to ruin reputations and cause physical injury; clan sagas recounted family origins and strug...
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Wee Scotch Whisky TalesWee Scotch Whisky Tales
Ian R Mitchell
A short and entertaining guide by writer and broadcaster Ian R Mitchell of some previously unpublished stories about Scotch whisky dealing with obscure local history and how family connections took the art and craft to New Zealand. The close assoc...
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Whisky Barons, TheWhisky Barons, The
Allen Andrews
The success of today's whiskey industry was based largely on the commercial drive and foresight of a select group of whiskey merchants who took the business world by storm in the late-18th and early-19th centuries. As the manufacture of blended w...
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