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Middle East History

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A People Without a CountryA People Without a Country
The Kurds and Kurdistan
edited by Gerard Chaliand
The sixteen million Kurds are the largest nation in the world with no state of their own. Their history is one of constant revolts and bloody repression, massacres, deportations and renewed insurrection.

This classic collection of writings from Ku...
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An Age of StoneAn Age of Stone
Felicia Langer
An Age of Stone catalogues the steady rise of tension and resistance in the Palestinian population under occupation. As a Jew and survivor of the Holocaust, author Felicia Langer suffered the consequences of racial persecution at an early ag...
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Arab WomenArab Women
Between Defiance and Restraint
edited by Suha Sabbagh
This collection brings together a distinguished cast of Arab women writers and analyzes the lives, the diverse roles and the means of overcoming the challenges that confront women in today's Arab societies. Essays examine feminism, women's ed...
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A Doctor's Story of Life and Death in Beirut
Dr. Chris Giannou
From October 1985 until January 1988, warring factions used everything from heavy artillery to sniper fire, pounded the tiny Palestinian refugee camp in West Beirut known as Shatila. Besieged is an account of simple courage and ingenuity, of...
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Beyond the StormBeyond the Storm
A Gulf Crisis Reader
edited by Phyllis Bennis & Michel Moushabeck
intro. by Eqbal Ahmad; foreword by Edward W Said

The Gulf crisis is one of the most important and tragic events to take place in the Middle East this century. Never has there been a more massive direct involvement of the United States in the region. But despite the more than 500,000 U.S. troops sen...
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(new ed. 2007)
H.A.L. Craig
Famed for his beautiful voice, Bilal is known as the first muezzin in Islam. He hears the Prophet begin his teaching and when told to beat a fellow slave for repeating Mohammad's assertion that slaves are the equal of their masters, he refus...
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Birth of the Arab Citizen & the Changing Middle East, TheBirth of the Arab Citizen & the Changing Middle East, The
edited by Stuart Schaar and Mohsine El Ahmadi


The widespread revolt which began with the Tunisian revolution of December 2010 and inspired uprisings in several Arab countries is arguably one of the most...
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Born in Jerusalem, Born PalestinianBorn in Jerusalem, Born Palestinian
A Memoir
Jacob J. Nammar, foreword by Salim Tamari
A poignant memoir of an eye witness of a major historical event in Jerusalem

When Jacob Nammar was a young boy growing up in Harret al-Nammareh, his family, his friends, and the streets of his West Jerusalem neighborhood were the center o...
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Bye Bye BabylonBye Bye Babylon
Beirut 1975-1979
Lamia Ziadé; translated by Olivia Snaije

Tragedy and innocence coexist in this delicate reconstruction of the author’s childhood during Lebanon’s civil war

In 1975 I was seven years old, and loved the Bazooka bubble-gums my mother would buy for Walid...
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Calling the ShotsCalling the Shots
How Washington Dominates Today's UN
Phyllis Bennis
New revised & updated edition with a new preface by Denis Halliday

The United Nations remains a favorite scapegoat for U.S. and allied failures in places like Rwanda, Iraq, Kosovo, and East Timor. Few look beyond the headlines to the...
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Dancing In the No-Fly ZoneDancing In the No-Fly Zone
A Woman’s Journey Through Iraq
Hadani Ditmars
Here is a unique perspective on Iraq, before and after the recent war.

When Hadani Ditmars first went to Iraq in 1997 for the New York Times, she was shocked at what she saw. Six years of the worst sanctions ever inflicte...
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Duet for FreedomDuet for Freedom
Dina Abdel Hamid; foreword by John Le Carre
On June 5, 1982, the Israeli invasion of Lebanon began its sweep towards Beirut. As Princess Dina and her husband Salah Ta'amari watched the relentless advance of the Israeli forces from her home in Sidon in the South of Lebanon, she found hersel...
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Extraordinary RenditionExtraordinary Rendition
American Writers on Palestine
edited by Ru Freemen

This collection brings together the work of sixty-five prominent writers to examine America's culpability in the denial of human rights and dignity to Palestinians in Isra...
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A History from Within
Azzam Tamimi
Updated Edition. 

Hamas's overwhelming electoral victory in January 2006 transformed politics in the Middle East and shocked the world. The March 2007 meeting in Mecca that resulted in a national unity government includin...
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Oral Histories of Palestine and Palestinians
Staughton Lynd, Alice Lynd and Sam Bahour
Throughout the world Palestinians have often been viewed through narrow prisms of "terrorists" or "victims." This comprehensive collection of oral histories brings to life generations of Palestinians, those living in the occupied...
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Ibn SaudIbn Saud
Michael Darlow and Barbara Bray
Ibn Saud grew to manhood first through living the harsh traditional life of the desert nomad, a life that had changed little since the days of Abraham, and then, through a careful study during his adolescence in Kuwait, of the ways of the great imper...
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An Illustrated History
Gilles Munier; photography by Erik Bonnier
Iraq’s contemporary image provides few clues to the magnificence and power of her past. Known as Mesopotamia (“land between the two rivers”), Iraq, which lies between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, was probably the earliest center...
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Arab Social Life, Traditions, and Everyday Pleasures in the 20th Century
Subhi S. Ghosheh


Jerusalem is a city of unique grief, a city that has been the target of conquerors more than twenty times. Yet the city has managed to maintain its Arabic culture...
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Jerusalem in HistoryJerusalem in History
Edited by K.J. Asali
The city of Jerusalem has a special place in the consciousness of the great monotheistic religions. Throughout its history it has been the site of glories and catastrophes; a place that has been witness to transition and occupation by a diversity of...
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Jerusalem InterruptedJerusalem Interrupted
Modernity and Colonial Transformation 1917–Present
edited by Lena Jayyusi


“The history of colonization is always the history of suppression of various texts and voices, as well as ways of being, and the reinscription into discourse and narrative of an alternate set of...
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