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General History & Politics

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Portuguese, ThePortuguese, The
A Modern History
Barry Hatton
Combining history and anecdote, Barry Hatton paints an intimate portrait of a fascinating country and its people

Portugal is an established member of the European Union, one of the founders of the euro currency and a founding member of NAT...
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Power LinesPower Lines
U.S. Domination in the New Global Order
Alejandro Bendana
How is the massive shift in power and competition between and among the powerful countries of the North affecting the South?

Grounded in a richly articulated perspective from the South, Nicaraguan scholar Alejandro Bendaña has craft...
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Reel Bad Arabs (3rd edition)Reel Bad Arabs (3rd edition)
How Hollywood Vilifies a People
Jack G. Shaheen

“A first-class book about harmful stereotypes... significant, comprehensive and engaging.”
—Tony Shalhoub, actor 

“Shaheen has written a meticulous, passionate, and very articulate descripti...
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Renaissance EmirRenaissance Emir
A Druze Warlord at the Court of the Medici
T. J. Gorton

Renaissance Emir reads like a gripping, enjoyable and vivid novel. A must for anyone who looks at the history of Lebanon in order to understand the present.”
—Hanan al-Shaykh, author of The S...
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Renegades !Renegades !
The History of the Renegades Steel Orchestra of Trinidad & Tobago
Kim Johnson; Edited by Helene Bellour and Milla Riggion; Photos by Jeffrey Chock
The steel pan is the great success story of acoustic musical instruments in the twentieth century. It begins just before World War II, when Carnival processions in Trinidad began knocking rhythms on bits of metal, dustbins, pots and pans. Within a de...
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Russian FrontiersRussian Frontiers
Eighteenth-Century British Travellers in the Caspian, Caucasus and Central Asia
Beatric Teissier
The vast and expanding Russian empire of the eighteenth century was inhabited by a great number of peoples. This book, part anthology part commentary, is the first of its kind to bring together British travelers’ accounts of the peoples and pla...
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Seen and HeardSeen and Heard
A Century of Arab Women in Literature and Culture
Mona N. Mikhail

How are Arab women seen by others? How do Arab women see themselves? New York University professor Mona Mikhail’s new collection of essays casts a wide net over literature, film, popular culture, and the law in order to investigate the livin...
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Selling US WarsSelling US Wars
Edited by Achin Vanaik; foreword by Tariq Ali
The real reasons for the war in Iraq—control of oil pricing and policies, expansion of US power, strategic establishment of US bases in the Middle East, defense of Israel—were kept hidden from the American people. Instead, justifications...
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A Life in Poetry
Jim Mayer

Sir Ernest Shackleton, known as a tough polar explorer and inspirational leader, also held the words of poets close to his heart. "Poetry was his other world and he explored it as eagerly as he did the great Antarctic spaces," said his f...
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The Best of Air Jamaica's Inflight Magazine
edited by Linda Gambrill
First published in September 1972, SkyWritings was conceived with two guiding principles: that Jamaica is a symphony of vibrant textures, and that there are many ways to tell Jamaica's story. This is an illuminating and entertaining expo...
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Slaves of the Cool MountainsSlaves of the Cool Mountains
Travels Among Head-Hunters and Slave Owners in South-West China
Alan Winnington
Beijing, 1956: foreign correspondent Alan Winnington heard reports of slaves being freed in the mountains of south-west China. The following year he travelled to Yunnan province and spent several months with the head-hunting Wa and the slave-owning N...
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South CarolinaSouth Carolina
On-The-Road Histories
Kenneth Townsend
Today tourists flock to the warm waters of Myrtle Beach, explore refurbished plantations, and stroll the picturesque streets of old Charleston. In this history of the state, Kenneth Townsend examines the rich and complicated past of these places. Beg...
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Sultans of RomeSultans of Rome
The Turkish World Expansion
Warwick Ball

Asia in Europe and the Making of the West Volume 3

The third volume in a series that examines the spread of cultures from the East into Europe

Between 1623 and 1625, a privateer fleet occupied one of Britain’s offshore...
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The Chavez CodeThe Chavez Code
Cracking US Intervention in Venezuela
Eva Golinger
Perhaps no world leader is better placed to challenge the global authority of the United States than Hugo Chavez, the populist leader of Venezuela. As the head of one of the world’s largest oil-producing countries, Chavez has been instrumental...
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The Crowd in HistoryThe Crowd in History
A Study of Popular Disturbances in France and England, 1730-1848
George Rudé
Who took part in the widespread disturbances that periodically shook 18th-century London? What really motivated the food rioters who helped to spark off the French Revolution? How did the movement of agricultural laborers destroying new machinery spr...
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The Education RacketThe Education Racket
Who Cares About the Children?
Duncan Graham
As a career educationalist, Duncan Graham has experienced every level of the teaching profession from early beginnings with "900 girls and 40 men" in Craigie College, Glasgow, through becoming deputy supremo in Renfrewshire and then Strathc...
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The Great Terror WarThe Great Terror War
Richard Falk
The horror of the events of September 11, 2001, remains indelible. The Great Terror War provides a much-needed examination of the attacks on the World Trade Center that links them to, while distinguishing them from, the breadth of more tradi...
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The Moor's Last StandThe Moor's Last Stand
How Seven Centuries of Muslim Rule in Spain Came to an End
Elizabeth Drayson

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The Romantic Exiles (New Edition)The Romantic Exiles (New Edition)
E.H. Carr
"Remarkable" -The Times

1847: the Russian writer Alexander Herzen and his family leave Moscow on a short-term permit, become embroiled in the revolution of 1848 in Paris and, unable to return to Tsarist...
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Thyssen Art Macabre, TheThyssen Art Macabre, The
The History of the Thyssens
David R. L. Litchfield
Old August Thyssen created one of the world’s greatest industrial fortunes. But his heirs would become better known for their extravagance, their divorce and inheritance battles and both the creation and sale of their art collection. This is th...
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