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General History & Politics

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Lenin and the Russian RevolutionLenin and the Russian Revolution
Antonella Salomoni; translated by David Stryker
In February 1917, the centuries-old and immense empire of the Czars, ally of the US and Britain during World War I, suddenly collapses. Eight months later, the revolutionaries, under Lenin's leadership, take power and sign an armistice with Germa...
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Let Freedom ReignLet Freedom Reign
The Words of Nelson Mandela
edited and introduced by Henry Russell; foreword by André Brink

This collection marks the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela's release from prison and analyzes the linguistic features, content and context of Mandela's speeches.

On February 11, 1990 Nelson Mandela was released from...
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Lion RampantLion Rampant
Robert Woollcombe
Lion Rampant is Robert Woollcombe’s graphic account of his experiences as a front-line infantry officer with the King’s Own Scottish Borderers during the desperate battle for Normandy and the Allied advance into Germany. Vividly...
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A Cultural and Literary Companion
Paul Buck
Lisbon stands alone as the last city on the western edge of Europe: a capital and port rich with a history of exploration and discovery, a place immersed in romantic dreams of its maritime past. Shackled by the decades of Salazar's dictatorship,...
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Mein RantMein Rant
A Summary in Light Verse of Mein Kampf
Richard Ferrar Patterson; illustrated by W. Heath Robinson; introduction by Morris Heggie
First published in 1940; New introduction by Morris Heggie, Former editor of "The Dandy" and leading comic archivist

When Germany invaded Poland on 1 September 1939, to reclaim the land they "lost" after World War One,...
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On-The-Road Histories
Ben Wynne
Beginning with the state’s earliest settlers, Ben Wynne explores the paradox that is Mississippi—its rich soil and namesake river, yet its vulnerability to natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. It is one of the US’s poorest s...
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More Than CowboysMore Than Cowboys
Travels Through the History of the American West
Tim Slessor

Many books about the American West leave out the more intriguing details...

For example, when, in 1803, the young USA doubled its size with the purchase from France of an unexplored vastness called La Louisiane, it was a British bank which...
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New NukesNew Nukes
India, Pakistan and Global Nuclear Disarmament
Praful Bidwai and Achin Vanaik; introduction by Arundhati Roy
The recent Indian and Pakistani nuclear tests brought nuclear proliferation and the terrible threat of nuclear war back to the world's center stage. The south Asian nuclear moves have raised regional tensions, transformed Kashmir into a potential...
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New Pearl Harbor, TheNew Pearl Harbor, The
Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11
David Ray Griffin
Updated Edition with a New Afterword

This second edition contains a 30-page Afterword with additional material on the alleged hijackers, controlled demolition of the WTC, Sibel Edmonds, a...
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Nine LivesNine Lives
Ethnic Conflict in the Polish-Ukrainian Borderlands
Waldemar Lotnik with Julian Preece; foreword by Neal Ascherson
By any standards, Waldemar Lotnik's experience of the Second World War was remarkable. Fighting in the Polish Resistance, his unit was engaged in a bitter ethnic conflict with pro-Nazi Ukrainians. Unknown in the West, this struggle was, like that...
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Northern Ireland 1921–2001Northern Ireland 1921–2001
Political Forces and Social Classes
Paul Bew, Peter Gibbon, Henry Patterson
Revised & updated edition

Despite disagreements over arms decommissioning, peace continues to hold in Northern Ireland, and this highly praised study traces the province's history from partition in 1921 to today&r...
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Out of ArabiaOut of Arabia
Phoenicians, Arabs, and the Discovery of Europe
Warwick Ball
The first volume in a series that examines the spread of cultures from the East into Europe

Arab history is often viewed as beginning with Islam. But the Arabs have a history going back thousands of years before-one, furthermore,...
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Out WestOut West
Travels through the American West—Past and Present
Tim Slessor

Many books about the American West leave out the more intriguing ­details…

For example, when, in 1803, the young USA doubled its size with the purchase from France of an unexplored vastness called La Louisiane, it was a British ba...
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A Cultural Guide
Martin Garrett

Oxford started as an Anglo-Saxon border outpost, with a bridge replacing the "oxen ford" from which it takes its name. It became a center for trade and religion and dev...
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Oxford Past TimesOxford Past Times
The Changing Face of City and County
Chris Koenig
For more than ten years Chris Koenig's Past Times column has been a regular favorite in the Oxford Times, bringing to life unexpected and sometimes unusual aspects of the city and county's history. Ranging over Oxford and its academi...
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Democracy, Terrorism, and the Building of a Nation
Iftikhar Malik
Opinionated and critical look at the challenges facing Pakistan at this critical juncture in its history
As the fall-out of the US-led “war on terror” continues to destabilize the countries of the Indian subconti...
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Paradise OverseasParadise Overseas
The Dutch Caribbean: Colonialsim and its Transatlantic Legacies
Gert Oostindie
Paradise Overseas presents a tour around the main themes of Dutch Caribbean history and its contemporary legacies. Drawing on wide expertise in Caribbean and Latin American studies, Gert Oostindie strongly posits a refreshing analysis of the...
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Peak DistrictPeak District
A Cultural History
John Bull
The Peak District was Britain's first National Park and the "breathing space" for people in the great cities of the industrial north. Prehistoric man built stone circles at Stanton-in-the-Moor and Arbor Low and the Romans had garrisons...
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Pocket Timeline of Ancient MexicoPocket Timeline of Ancient Mexico
Penny Bateman
A handy pocket-sized reference to the Aztec culture of ancient Mexico and the civilizations that preceded it
At the back of the book is a 12-page foldout timeline which can be detached and displayed on a wall or notice board...
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Politics of IllusionPolitics of Illusion
A Political History of the IRA
Henry Patterson
This is the first comprehensive study of the IRA's attempts to create a "social republicanism," a marriage between militant nationalism and the politics of the left. From agitation among the peasantry in the 1920s to efforts in the 1990...
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