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General History & Politics

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Buenos AiresBuenos Aires
A Cultural Guide
Nick Caistor

The architect Le Corbusier once called Buenos Aires “the capital of an imaginary empire.” From its foundation in the sixteenth century, Argentina’s main city has bee...
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Calling the ShotsCalling the Shots
How Washington Dominates Today's UN
Phyllis Bennis
New revised & updated edition with a new preface by Denis Halliday

The United Nations remains a favorite scapegoat for U.S. and allied failures in places like Rwanda, Iraq, Kosovo, and East Timor. Few look beyond the headlines to the...
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Christianity and Political IslamChristianity and Political Islam
Mounir Ghabbour & Ahmed Osman
The tragic events of September 11, 2001 and the continuing saga of the Arab-Israeli conflict have served to focus world attention on Islam and the nature and origin of Islamic belief. While some Islamic leaders condemn such attacks as contradicting t...
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Culture in Another South AfricaCulture in Another South Africa
edited by Willem Campschreur and Joost Divendal
Music, film and video, theater, poetry and journalism combine with striking art and photographic spreads in the most impressive and comprehensive statement on South Africa's popular culture to date. It celebrates Amsterdam's historic conferen...
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Darkness Over GermanyDarkness Over Germany
A Warning from History
E. Amy Buller

Darkness over Germany delivers a stark warning from history of how a man with little political experience rose up as a voice of the people, a voice for the disenfranchised...
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De Gaulle and Algeria 1940-1960De Gaulle and Algeria 1940-1960
Michael Kettle
The Algerian conflict lasted from 1954 to 1962, and was one of the bloodiest colonial wars of the time. The Arab population was decimated. Many forces were at play: the French Army's defeat in 1940, and then in Indochina, and its determination no...
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Doctors DissectedDoctors Dissected
Jane Haynes, Dr. Martin Scurr
This is a "story" book about medicine, body, mind, doctors and caprices of human nature written by an experienced doctor (Martin Scurr), who has seen every untidy vagary of disease, and a psychotherapist (Jane Haynes), who has listened to p...
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Ending the Iraq WarEnding the Iraq War
A Primer
Phyllis Bennis
Public opinion in the United States and Great Britain has long called for ending the Iraq war—in recent polls about 70 percent of Americans agree. But the war continues, and what it will take to finally end it is not as clear. In an easy-to-rea...
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England: History of a NationEngland: History of a Nation
David Ross
English history is a vast and complicated story, made more so since 1707 by the question of where "English" ends and "British" begins. The long sweep of time from the first anonymous occupants of a nameless landscape to the region...
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Fatal VoyageFatal Voyage
The Last Great Voyage of Captain James Cook
Peter Aughton
It is no longer possible for any ship to cross the Pacific Ocean without encountering the ghost of Captain Cook. He and his voyages are the stuff of maritime legend. The Fatal Voyage is the story of his final epic journey when he led an...
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Fortune HunterFortune Hunter
A German Prince in Regency England
Peter James Bowman
The two decades after Waterloo marked the great age of foreign fortune hunters in England. Each year brought a new influx of impecunious Continental noblemen to the world’s richest country, and the more brides they carried off, the more alarmed...
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Frontline MadridFrontline Madrid
Battlefield Tours of the Spanish Civil War
David Mathieson; with a foreword by Jon Snow

In July 1936 insurgent Spanish troops organized a military coup to oust the elected Republican government in Madrid. The rebel general...
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General History of the CaribbeanGeneral History of the Caribbean
Volume IV - The Long Nineteenth Century
edited by Keith Lawrence
The title of Volume IV of the General History of the Caribbean, The Long Nineteenth Century, indicates its range, from the last years of the eighteenth to the first two decades of the twentieth. The volume begins during the hegemony...
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Harbour Island Story, TheHarbour Island Story, The
Anne and Jim Lawlor
The Harbour Island Story is a well documented, informative and entertaining account of the island which was once second in importance to New Providence within the Bahamian archipelago. Drawing on new material from official, church, oral and...
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Hijacking CatastropheHijacking Catastrophe
9/11, Fear and the Selling of American Empire
Edited by Sut Jhally and Jeremy Earp
The 9/11 terror attacks continue to send shock waves through the American political system. Continuing fears about American vulnerability alternate with images of American military prowess and patriotic bravado in a transformed media landscape charge...
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History of International FashionHistory of International Fashion
Didier Grumbach


This book is not just a history of fashion from the early days of the creation of dressmaking fashion to the development of re...
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Imperial SkirmishesImperial Skirmishes
War and Gunboat Diplomacy in Latin America
Andrew Graham-Yooll
Notorious for its recent military dictatorships, South America is less well known for its wars. But since the dawn of independence in the early nineteenth century, the continent has witnessed a series of conflicts, some short and small-scale, others...
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An Illustrated History
Gilles Munier; photography by Erik Bonnier
Iraq’s contemporary image provides few clues to the magnificence and power of her past. Known as Mesopotamia (“land between the two rivers”), Iraq, which lies between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, was probably the earliest center...
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A War
introduction by Chris Hedges; photography by the Associated Press
Risking their lives, intrepid journalists and photographers have labored in often desperate conditions to bring images of war-torn Iraq to the rest of the world. Since no war in US history has had more carefully managed press coverage than this one,...
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Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, & the SolentIsle of Wight, Portsmouth, & the Solent
A Cultural History
Mark Bardell
The Isle of Wight is England's largest island, but its diamond-shape is at most 23 miles long and 13 miles wide. Anchored close to the Hampshire coast, its location has created a sheltered waterway, the Solent, with its own local roadsteads and a...
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