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Book of SpellsBook of Spells
Spells to Help Empower Your Life
Soraya’s Book of Spells contains a wonderful and comprehensive set of spells. The origins and history of spells, and their rituals throughout the cycle of the year are explained in the first half of the book, with the materials you nee...
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Edinburgh After DarkEdinburgh After Dark
Ghosts, Vampires and Witches of the Old Town
Ron Halliday
Ron Halliday's new book covers the entire range of supernatural phenomena that has occurred in Edinburgh. Going beyond a narrow focus on "ghosts" and "hauntings" Halliday examines the variety of paranormal happenings that have...
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Edinburgh: City of the DeadEdinburgh: City of the Dead
Jan-Andrew Henderson
Edinburgh: City of the Dead explores macabre events, paranormal occurrences, haunted locations, occult societies, witchcraft, and even spooky hoaxes to try to discover why Edinburgh is a city that appears to have more than its fair share of...
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Enhance Your Psychic PowersEnhance Your Psychic Powers
Soraya – white witch, Reiki Master, psychic and renowned numerologist – believes: You are magickal. You are mystical. You are spiritual. In her book, Enhance Your Psychic Powers, Soraya asks if you have had an experience –...
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Famous Scots and the SupernaturalFamous Scots and the Supernatural
Ron Halliday
Scotland is often seen as a land of mystery, a place where reality collides with the world of spirits and phantoms. But what effect does that have on the individuals who call it their home? And, in particular, on those people who have in one way or a...
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Fantastical ImaginationsFantastical Imaginations
The Supernatural in Scottish History and Culture
edited by Lizanne Henderson
In Scotland the subject of the supernatural has been largely ignored by mainstream historians and academics, who considered it to be irrelevant or trivial. This collection of essays, by some of the foremost commentators in the field, seeks to redress...
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Adventures in the Afterlife
Tom Robertson with Murray Scougall
Meet Tom Robertson, your septuagenarian guide to an alternative and unknown Scotland - a Scotland inhabited by African ghosts, monstrous mountain-roaming creatures and castle-dwelling vampires. On the surface, Tom appears to be an average pensioner q...
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Haunted ScotlandHaunted Scotland
Roddy Martine
In the global world of the Internet, where anything is possible, where scientists never cease to astonish yet seem to provide more questions than answers, Roddy Martine looks beyond the everyday and the normal, searching for answers in the mysteries...
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True Life Sightings and Experiences of Ghosts
Rebecca E. Kidger
Hauntings is a compendium of real ghost stories. The author, Rebecca E. Kidger, has worked in television as a researcher on popular ghost and paranormal programs, so is effectively a professional ghost hunter. In this book Rebecca combines h...
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The Unknown, The Unexplained and Centuries-Old Mysteries
Jack Wolfsblume
It is human nature to be fascinated by that which cannot be easily explained. The land is marked by standing stones and ancient burial sites whose inner secrets remain tantalizingly beyond our reach, but seem to have a power that is as ancient as the...
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Soraya has found that the ancient wisdom of the runes prove themselves to be the most accurate of all the divination disciplines.

Her book will help you interpret the events you are experiencing by explaining the 25 ancient symbols of the runes,...
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Scottish GhostsScottish Ghosts
Lily Seafield
This bestselling book of Scottish ghosts, superstitions and folklore consists of stories that range in time from the seventeenth century to the recent past. In a lively, entertaining anthology, you will be introduced some of Scotland's best ghost...
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Scottish WitchesScottish Witches
Lily Seafield
Let warlocks grim, an wither'd hags,
Tell, how wi you, on ragweed nags,
They skim the muirs an dizzy crags,
Wi wicked speed;
And in kirkyards renew thier leagues,
Owre howkit dead.

Robert Burns's famous...
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Strange ThingsStrange Things
The Story of Fr Allan McDonald, Ada Goodrich Freer, and the Society for Physical Research’s enquiry
John Lorne Campbell, Trevor H. Hall
The supernatural has always played a prominent part of the life and culture of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, with ghosts, seers and second-sight featuring in countless stories and in the collective memory of the people. In the late 1890s, Fr. A...
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In this book Soraya will guide you in the reading of the Tarot, from choosing a pack for purchase to interpreting the Tarot and reading for other people.

Illustrated by Martin Conway, using Soraya’s own unique designs based on traditional t...
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The Little Book of Cord and Candle MagickThe Little Book of Cord and Candle Magick
This new book of spells by Soraya is a beautiful gift book using candles and cords for things like friendship, foregiveness, good luck, creativity, inspiration, gratitude,travel, wisdom, love, overcoming grief, and many more aims, hopes and good w...
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The Little Book of SpellsThe Little Book of Spells

This new gift book contains new spells for special and everyday occasions such as job interviews, moving house, courage, money, good wishes, new baby, blessings, anxiety, and even getting on with the cleaning.

Soraya says:

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Witch's Companion, TheWitch's Companion, The
The Essential Guide to Being a Witch
Soraya, renowned psychic, numerologist and astrologer has compiled what she believes to be the one invaluable book on Wicca and Paganism that a would-be witch would ever need.

Over the years many who have been drawn to witchcraft have asked her &q...
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