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 A Traveller's History of Athens   A Traveller's History of Athens
 By Richard Stoneman

 Athens has a history stretching back to Mycenaean times and in the fifth century BC it became the most significant community for the development of political thought and practice, art and culture that had ever been seen and which still retains a vita...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of Australia   A Traveller's History of Australia - (2nd edition)
 By John H. Chambers

 Essential reading for travelers who wish to enjoy the amazing diversity of Australia, this book outlines the history of that great southern democracy from the arrival of the earliest Aboriginals some fifty or sixty thousand years ago to the present.<...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of Canada   A Traveller's History of Canada
 By Robert Bothwell

 A Traveller's History of Canada gives a comprehensive survey of the country's past from the earliest times right through to the present. It begins with the first immigrants to arrive well over 15,000 years ago who traveled across a l...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of China   A Traveller's History of China - (6th edition)
 By Stephen G. Haw

 A Traveller's History of China provides a concise but fascinating journey from the country's earliest beginnings right up to the creation of the economic powerhouse that is today's China. Stephen Haw carries the reader back in ti...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of Croatia   A Traveller's History of Croatia
 By Benjamin Curtis


George Bernard Shaw wrote that on the last day of Creation, "God desired to crown His work," and so fashioned the Croatian coastline "out of tears, stars, and breath." Anyone who has glimpsed that long, mountainous, island-stud...

 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of Cyprus   A Traveller's History of Cyprus
 By Timothy Boatswain

 A Traveller’s History of Cyprus offers a complete and authoritative history of the island’s past and also touches on the sensitive present-day issues for both sides of the island.

Although Cyprus is a relatively small...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of Egypt   A Traveller's History of Egypt
 By Harry Adès

 Ancient Egypt has gripped the popular imagination like no other country and the lure of its pyramids and the Nile are a magnet for visitors from all over the world. This book provides a concise and fascinating journey from the country’s earlies...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of England   A Traveller's History of England - (5th edition)
 By Christopher Daniell

 This book gives a comprehensive and enjoyable survey of England's past from prehistoric times right through to the present. All the major periods of English history are dealt with, including the Roman occupation, and the invasions of the Anglo-Sa...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of France   A Traveller's History of France - (8th edition)
 By Robert Cole

 Millions of travellers visit France each year. The glories of the French countryside, the essential harmony of French architecture, the wealth of historical relics, the myriad of cultural opportunities – all make the country a perennial and irr...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of Germany   A Traveller's History of Germany - (2nd ed.)
 By Robert Cole


Germany is the most heavily populated of all the countries within the European Union.

A Traveller’s History of Germany
offers a complete and authoritative history of a country of which much of its rich past and legacy of...

 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of Greece   A Traveller's History of Greece - (6th edition)
 By T. Boatswain & C. Nicolson

 In A Traveller’s History of Greece, the reader is provided with an authoritative general history of Greece from its earliest beginnings down to the present day. It covers in a clear and comprehensive manner the classical past, the conf...
 A Traveller's History of India   A Traveller's History of India - (5th edition)
 By SinhaRaja Tammita-Delgoda

 India, named after the river Indus, is heir to one of the world’s oldest and richest civilizations and the origin of many of the ideas, philosophies, and movements that have shaped the destiny of humankind.

For the traveler, India is...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of Ireland   A Traveller's History of Ireland - (6th ed.)
 By Peter Neville

 A Traveller’s History of Ireland gives a full and accurate portrait of Ireland from its prehistory right up to the present. The story opens with mysterious, early Celtic Ireland where no Roman stood, through Saint Patrick’s missi...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of Italy   A Traveller's History of Italy - (8th edition)
 By Valerio Lintner

 A Traveller’s History of Italy analyzes the development of the Italian people from pre-historic times right through to the imaginative, resourceful and fiercely independent Italians we know today. All the major periods of Italian histo...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of Japan   A Traveller's History of Japan - (4th edition)
 By Richard Tames

 A Traveller's History of Japan not only offers the reader a chronological outline of the nation's development but also provides an invaluable introduction to its language, literature and arts, from kabuki to karaoke. This clearly wri...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of London   A Traveller's History of London - (4th edition)
 By Richard Tames

 A Traveller's History of London gives a full and comprehensive historical background to the capital's past and covers the period from London's first beginnings, right up to the present day—from Londinium and Lundenwic to Do...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of Mexico   A Traveller's History of Mexico - (2nd Edition)
 By Kenneth Pearce

 A Traveller’s History of Mexico offers a complete and expert history of the country from the earliest times right through to the present. It will be welcomed by all those who visit Mexico to see its stunning Aztec and other pre-conques...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of New Zealand   A Traveller's History of New Zealand - & the South Pacific Islands (3rd edition)
 By John H. Chambers

 A Traveller's History of New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands gives the curious tourist not only a modern-day portrait of New Zealand and the far-flung islands, their political systems, and economic diversity, but also looks at the...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of North Africa   A Traveller's History of North Africa - (2nd Edition)
 By Barnaby Rogerson

 This volume covers the countries of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Algeria and is written by an expert on the area. It provides a concise and readable history of the region's journey from its earliest beginnings right up to the politics and life of...
 $15.95  Buy Now 
 A Traveller's History of Paris   A Traveller's History of Paris - (4th edition)
 By Robert Cole

 For many people, Paris is the epitome of the perfect city—beautiful, romantic, and imbued with vitality and culture. It is a wonderful place to visit and to live in. Packed with fact, anecdote, and insight, A Traveller’s History of Pa...
 $14.95  Buy Now 
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