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Celebrating 25 Years of Independent Publishing
World History/Politics/Current Affairs
Palestine: The Reality
The Inside Story of the Balfour Declaration 1917Ė1938

J.M.N. Jeffries

Palestine: The RealityThe Balfour Declaration of 1917 is a document that profoundly affected the Middle East. Palestine: The Reality is an expertly researched inside story of the Declaration. First published by Longman Green and Co, London, Palestine: The Reality had a short life due to the fact that the entire stock and the publisher’s premises were destroyed by the German Blitz in 1941.

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State of Terror
How Terrorism Created Modern Israel

Thomas Suarez

State of TerrorThomas Suárez has written a shocking book detailing a litany of terrorist acts over a period of twenty years, against the British government, the indigenous Palestinians, and even Jews who disagreed with terrorism, carried out or supported by large numbers of Zionist Jews in Palestine and abroad.

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World Travel
A Traveller's History of Australia
(2nd edition)

John H. Chambers

A Traveller's History of AustraliaEssential reading for travelers who wish to enjoy the amazing diversity of Australia, this book outlines the history of that great southern democracy from the arrival of the earliest Aboriginals some fifty or sixty thousand years ago to the present. Newly revised and updated.

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Roman Provence Guide
Edwin Mullins

Roman Provence GuideEdwin Mullins seeks out hidden traces of that ancient world along with the many spectacular monuments that today adorn the cities of Nîmes, Arles, Vienne and Orange. He tells the story of how the Romans came to invade Provence, how they stayed to colonize it and how they transformed Provençal cities into imitations of Rome.

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Illustrated Gift Books
A Photographic Journey to the Roof of Africa (3rd ed)

Michel Moushabeck (text); Hiltrud Schulz (photography)


“An engaging account… Schulz’s stunning photos are complemented by Moushabeck’s colorful description… The company is also entertainingly detailed…This celebration of nature and human connection makes a fun escape for armchair adventurers and experienced climbers.”
—Publishers Weekly


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Palestinian Costume
Shelagh Weir

Palestinian Costume"...lavishly illustrated...a unique and valuable work that should be a part of most research, art, textiles, or Middle East collections."
Library Journal

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International Cookbooks
Aleppo Cookbook, The
Celebrating the Legendary Cuisine of Syria

Marlene Matar

Aleppo Cookbook, TheOne of the Arab world’s most renowned chefs unlocks the secrets to Aleppo's distinctive cuisine in this comprehensive cookbook filled with practical guidance as well as step-by step explanations of over 200 irresistible recipes, such as Chili and Garlic Kebab, Syrian Fishcakes, Lamb Stuffed Eggplants, Semolina and Butter pudding, and the queen of the mezze table, Red Pepper and Walnut Spread.

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Palestine on a Plate
Memories from My Motherís Kitchen

Joudie Kalla; photography by Ria Osbourne

Palestine on a Plate"The food of Palestine is mouth-watering and colorful. This treasure-trove of a book shows it at its best."
—Sami Tamimi, co-author of Ottolenghi: The Cookbook and Jerusalem

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Gennaro's Italian Bakery

Gennaro Contaldo; photography by Dan Jones

Panetteria120 classic Italian breads and baked goods from the chef who inspired Jamie Oliver. Making bread has always been a passion for acclaimed chef and TV-personality Gennaro Contaldo. Ingrained since childhood with memories of his mother's weekly bread-making and visits to his uncle's village bakery, it is a skill that has followed him throughout his career as a chef.

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Soup for Syria
Recipes to Celebrate Our Shared Humanity

Barbara Abdeni Massaad

Soup for SyriaAcclaimed chefs and cookbook authors the world over have come together to help fund food relief efforts to alleviate the suffering of Syrian refugees. Each has contributed a recipe to this beautifully illustrated cookbook of delicious soups from around the world. Contributors include: Mark Bittman, Anthony Bourdain, Alice Waters, Paula Wolfert, Yotam Ottolenghi, Claudia Roden, Greg Malouf, Ana Sortun, Sami Tamimi, Aglaia Kremezi, Carolyn Kumpe, Wendy Rahamut, Joe Barza, Sally Butcher, Troth Wells, Garrett Melkonian, Alexis Couquelet, Fernando Gomez, Jane Hughes, and many others.

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Biographies & Memoirs
Democratizing America
Shaf Nader and the Founding of the Impossible College

Dimitra Doukas; foreword by William G. Shannon; afterword by Ralph Nader

Democratizing AmericaAn important contribution to the emerging debate about the role of community colleges in our changing society. This inspiring story is a close-up case study of grassroots change, and of a visionary leader.

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Kahlil Gibran
Beyond Borders

Jean Gibran and Kahlil Gibran; with a foreword by Salma Hayek-Pinault

Kahlil GibranPainter and poet, immigrant, rebel, global citizen, author of the beloved classic, The Prophet. Kahlil Gibran: Beyond Borderstells the inspiring saga of the artist’s life and creative vision. This colorful, richly illustrated biography draws on a lifetime of dedicated, persistent research to bring Gibran’s compelling story into our time.

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World Fiction
Just Another Jihadi Jane
Tabish Khair

Just Another Jihadi Jane"Required reading for anyone interested in trying to understand our mad, bloody world."—Kirkus Reviews

A novel about friendship, faith, and alienation, Just Another Jihadi Jane tells the tale of Islamist radicalization from the inside. Two children of Muslim immigrants in England’s industrial north become best friends, and find in religion and social media a community as welcoming and encouraging as their public education is estranging.

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Shell, The
Memoirs of a Hidden Observer

Mustafa Khalifa; translated by Paul Starkey

This compelling first novel is the astonishing story of a Syrian political prisoner of conscience, an atheist mistaken for a radical Islamist—the worst kind of enemy of the state—who was locked up for 14 years without trial.

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Indian Love Poetry
edited by A.L. Dallapiccola

Indian Love PoetryThis attractive collection combines a selection of translations from various languages of the best of Indian poetry with illustrations drawn from some of the finest examples of Indian art. A perfect way to discover the treasures of Indian literature and art.

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Poetry of Arab Women, The
A Contemporary Anthology

edited by Nathalie Handal

Poetry of Arab Women, The Winner of the PEN Oakland Literary Award 2002
"Ancient Arab women are sometimes anthologized, but contemporary poets don't get the attention that they deserve and that this ambitious volume begins to give them...out of a cacophony of voices, styles, and visions, deeper understanding of what it means to be an Arab and a poet...this anthology answers a long-felt need, and its arrival should be celebrated."—Booklist

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Language & Reference
Sugar Comes from Arabic (2nd ed)
A Beginnerís Guide to Arabic Letters and Words

Barbara Whitesides

Sugar Comes from Arabic (2nd ed)A user-friendly Arabic alphabet-and-culture book for complete beginners

"This is a charming, accessible book for all ages. It's informative, fun, and useful."
-- School Library Journal

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World Textiles
A Sourcebook

D. Waller, S. Weir, S. Paine, G. Corrigan, A. Hecht, C. Sayer, C. Spring, J. Hudson, J. Gillow

World TextilesThe essential textile and design source book packed full of vibrant color combinations and magnificent patterns from around the world

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Children's Picture Books
Crystal Mountain, The
retold and illustrated by Ruth Sanderson

Crystal Mountain, TheWhen a weaver dreams of a lush land, she works tirelessly to recreate the place in a beautiful tapestry. But she and her three sons barely have time to admire her handiwork when the tapestry is stolen by jealous fairies.

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Invisible Kingdom, The
(Part I of the Invisible Kingdom Trilogy)

Rob Ryan

Invisible Kingdom, The"British artist Ryan... offers a fanciful modern fairy tale illustrated with a whole sheaf of his intricately detailed cut-paper silhouettes, including a poster on the back of the dust jacket. The hero, a young prince, lives in a palace in the middle of the city, trapped by protocol. ... It’s the first of three volumes, and readers will long for the next book."—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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